LoL Patch 11.24: All Buffs and Nerfs [UPDATE]

LoL Patch 11.24 is set to come out next week. What buffs and nerfs will have an effect on your solo queue games?

Arcane Caitlyn HD Splash
Caitlyn is receiving some changes this patch. | © Riot Games

It’s been a while since we’ve got to write one of these articles. With the pre-season underway and many changes happening over the last two weeks, not much regarding LoL Patch 11.24 has been announced yet, but now we know what changes await us next week.

Due to American Thanksgiving, the patch got pushed back a week, making LoL Patch 11.23 a three-week patch. We did get a few micro changes to improve on the bounty system as well as some dragon bugs, but what will be changed in LoL Patch 11.24?

Caitlyn Headshot Mechanic Fix in Patch 11.24

In LoL Patch 11.23 the Caitlyn visual update went live. Some of her kit was also updated and changed, but not for the better. Since the changes have gone live, there have been multiple bugs and players have complained about Caitlyn’s Headshot.

So in LoL Patch 11.24 a few updates and changes will be going live to make the headshot mechanic much better. Basically, if your target lands in a trap, you’ll automatically Headshot them.

Also, if you’re auto-attacking one champion, but another steps in a trap, you can right-click them and immediately auto-them. These changes should make her much better and will improve on her current gameplay.

Champion Buffs and Nerfs in LoL Patch 11.24

LoL Patch 11.24 seems to focus on system balances, rather than champions. We’re in the thick of it all with pre-season, so there are a lot of bugs to iron out before Season 12 can go live.

There are only four champion buffs and nerfs in LoL Patch 11.24. Camille will be receiving a nerf, while Ivern, Caitlyn and Samira are on the receiving end of a buff.

  • Ivern - Krug Freedom Experience increased from 37 to 95 and Krug Freedom Gold increased from 39 t 85.
  • Samira - R mana cost is 0 at all ranks.
  • Caitlyn - Bug fixes and her next auto attack will get a partial timer reset whenever she targets an enemy marked by traps or her net.
  • Camille - W sweetspot damage has been lowered to 5-7(+2.5 per 100 AD)%Max HP. E cooldown increased to 16-12.

System Buffs in LoL Patch 11.24

There are a few system buffs that will be going live next week with LoL Patch 11.24. The balance team is looking to improve the two new dragons, as well as a few items which haven’t shown much prowess over the last few weeks.

  • Archangel’s Staff - Combine Cost has been reduced.
  • Hextech Mini Dragon Buff - Damage amp up to 6%.
  • Chemtech Mini Dragon Buff - Bonus haste increased to 6 and attack speed increased to 6%.
  • Conqueror - Duration elongated to 5 seconds and adaptive per stack increased to 2-4.5.

System Nerfs in LoL Patch 11.24

The nerf list is more extensive than the buff list, with some items being a bit too much for players – and Riot – to handle. So while the mini buff of the Chemtech Drake is being buffed, the Chemtech soul will receive a nerf. These are all the system nerfs in LoL Patch 11.24:

  • Predator - Max move speed down to 45% and ramp-up time is now 1.5 seconds.
  • Chemtech Dragon Soul - Bleed out time 4 seconds and damage output reduction increased to 40%.
  • Crown of the Shattered Queen - AP lowered to 60.
  • Cosmic Drive - AP lowered to 65, Health to 200 and Spelldance move speed 15-5%.
  • Evenshroud - Damage increase lowered to 9% and Duration 4 seconds.
  • Frostfire Gauntlet - Damage changed to 12-85 with no HP ratio like before.
  • Axion Arc - Ultimate refund lowered to 20%.

System and Champion Adjustments in LoL Patch 11.24

A few adjustments will also be hitting the rift in LoL Patch 11.24.

  • Kled - Skaarl's base HP counts as base HP. His health was increased to 400 - 1550. E cooldown changed to 13-9 and ratio increased to 65%.
  • Glacial Augment - Slow changed to 30%, AD Ratio 4% per 100AD and AP Ratio 3% per 100 AP.
  • Lethal Tempo - Melee attack speed per stack 13% and ranged attack speed per stack changed to 7% and attack range bonus lowered to 75.

When is LoL Patch 11.24 Releasing?

The official release date for LoL Patch 11.24 is December 8, 2021. You’ll be able to pick up those new Debonair 2.0 skins as well as see all the changes that have hit the rift. Until then, go back and watch some Arcane, try to figure out all the easter eggs!