G2 Esports Announce League of Legends Team For 2023

G2 Esports is going through a major overhaul with three new players joining the ranks after a successful 2022 season. Finally, the esports org has announced their full 2023 LEC roster.

G2 Esports Roster
The Topfather returns to let us know who will be part of G2 Esports in 2023. | © G2 Esports

G2 Esports will be without jungler Jankos for the first time in years in 2023. Who will be the long-time player's replacement, and what will the bot lane of this storied team be like in 2023?

On December 22, 2022 G2 Esports announced their upcoming LEC roster and there are some familiar faces amongst the bunch, as well as some brand-new talent that will be trying to earn their first LEC victory in a turbulent new tournament system.

Mikyx Returns to G2 League of Legends Roster For 2023

Mikyx spent three years on the G2 Esports roster between 2018 and 2021. At the end of the 2021 he was replaced by young Targamas. With G2 Esports wanting to overhaul their 2023 roster, Targamas and his bot lane duo Flakked left the org, which left open a spot in the bot lane.

Mikyx, who spent some time on EXCEL in 2022 will be returning to G2 Esports to play alongside Caps once more.

His bot lane partner will be none other than Hans Sama who played on Team Liquid for one year on what many considered to be a 'superteam'. They failed to make it to the 2022 League of Legends World Championship and Hans Sama asked to cut his contract with the NA org short to return to Europe.

Caps and BrokenBlade will continue to be a part of G2 Esports in 2023. Caps' contract is until 2025, while BrokenBlade has a contract until 2024, meaning that these players are franchise players for the esports team.

In the jungle G2 Esports went for a young player who spent the last few years on several EMEA Regional League (ERL) teams. Martin "Yike" Sundelin is going to be the dark horse of G2 Esports in the 2023 since most fans will be unfamiliar with the jungler.

G2 Esports is looking to compete with the other EU teams, in hopes of making it to the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational, and qualify for the 2023 World Championship, which is rumored to take place in South Korea this year. Will this team be able to make it?

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