Hackers Try To Auction Off League of Legends Source Code Online, Starting At 1 Million Dollar

Riot Games was hacked with the League of Legends source code getting stolen. Now the apparent hackers have come online and decided to auction off the code they've received.

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This can't end well... | © Riot Games

Riot recently suffered from a malicious cyberattack which has caused much of its build to suffer. Content has been delayed like the Ahri Art and Sustainability Update, as well as some balance changes which couldn't be hotfixed into LoL Patch 13.1b.

Now it seems like the hackers have revealed themselves. Riot did not pay them the ransom they wanted for the stolen source code and have decided to auction it off online. Of course, none of this information has been 100% proven and it could just be some trolls on the internet.

Riot Refuse To Pay Ransom For LoL Source Code - Now It's Getting Auctioned Off

League of Legends content creator Ryscu made a video on the situation, explaining that the hackers have now taken their data to the internet and have begun an online auction for anyone willing to fork over more than $1,000,000.

It seems that the ransom letter has also been leaked by Motherboard. In the ransom letter, the hackers asked Riot Games to pay $10,000,000 for them to delete the stolen code.

We have obtained your valuable data, including the precious anti-cheat source code and the entire game code for League of Legends and its tools, as well as Packman, your usermode anti-cheat. We understand the significance of these artifacts and the impact their release to the public would have on your major titles, Valorant and League of Legends. In light of this, we are making a small request for an exchange of $10,000,000.

In the same ransom letter the hackers did state that Riot had 12-hours to pay up or they would go public with the information they obtained through the cyberattack. Well, Riot seemed to have stood their ground and not paid up, because now the code has landed online and is being auctioned off.

According to Ryscu, the user selling the information has been vouched for and seems to be legit, and he also showed off a function from within the game itself, so this does seem to be the real deal.

With the source code up for auction, it could lead to more cheaters and hacks being made. That's why Riot has decided to focus all their attention on the new anti-cheat system they've been working on and would implement in 2023.

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