League of Legends: How to Change Your Name

Fortunately, you can change your name in League of Legends if you're not happy with it anymore. It's about time we change it from xXx-LoveHarryStyles-xXx to something slightly less cringe – here's what to do.

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Here's how you can change your name in League of Legends. | © Riot Games

Okay, if your username is Pu$$ydestroyer69 or LauwarmerKäse, then come sit around the fire because Uncle Ryze is here to explain how you'll be able to change your summoner name in the League of Legends client. How can you go from an awful or a boring username to something akin to a new name that'll fit into 2022.

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Why Are You Changing Your Summoner Name in the First Place?

There are certain ground rules for summoner names in League of Legends. Most of the time there is no reason for you to change your League of Legends name, but we know it's Clash-time and you might want to have matching names with your team, so you're willing to go through the process.

There are some situations where your username will have to be changed and that is if the name suggests "hate speech, slurs or profanity" as well as, "contains insults, grotesque imagery, and strong vulgarity". You can get reported for names and lose your account altogether, so be smart when changing your username – and this info comes straight from the Riot Support page so take it seriously guys.

How to Change Your Name for Free in League of Legends

If you've just got small changes you want to apply to your username, then there is a way of doing that for free – even without having to use any blue essence! So if you're The_LoL_Expert and want to be known as The LoL Expert then these are the steps you need to follow to change your username:

  1. Open the Riot Games support site
  2. At Request type, choose" General Question"
  3. Write "Summoner Name Change" into the subject
  4. Describe your problem in the description along with your old username and the new one you would likeSummoner Name change League of Legends
    Just ignore the articles. | © Riot Games

  5. Send the ticket to Riot Games

LoL: How to Change Your Name with Blue Essence

Now, if you want to change your summoner name with blue essence, you just have to follow these steps outlined below:

  1. Log into your League of Legends Riot Client as you usually would
  2. Click onto the store button in the top right corner beside the RP (Riot Point) and Blue Essence symbolsName Change Riot Client
    Click here, please | © Riot Games
  3. Click on your account button, this time underneath the RP and blue essence symbols. There, you'll have the option of either moving your account to another region, or to change the summoner name.Riot Client Beschwörernamen ändern
    Now, you click here | © Riot Games
  4. Now choose 'Summoner Name'. A window will open where you can see whether your dream summoner name is already taken.

Changing your summoner name will cost you a total of 13,900 Blue Essence. Sounds like a lot, right? Well, that's because it is, but we would like to remind you that your summoner name also counts as your Riot ID, which means that all Riot Games will utilize the same name, whether you play VALORANT, Wild Rift or Legends of Runeterra.

So, if you want to change your name, you can use the blue-colored essence, but you'll have to grind through hours and hours of League before you can get to this point.

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Alternative: How To Change Your Name with Riot Points

If you aren't as stingy as I am and are willing to change your summoner name with RP, then follow these steps below:

  1. Log into your League of Legends Riot Client as you usually would
  2. Click onto the store button in the top right corner of the client Änderung Beschwörername league of legends
    Click guys! | © Riot Games
  3. Click on your account button, this time underneath the RP and blue essence symbols. As we mentioned before, you'll be able to choose between changing regions and name changes here! Änderung Beschwörername LoL
    Same procedure as before guys.| © Riot Games
  4. Click on 'Summoner Name Change'. A window will open again where you'll have to check whether GaaraBestBoi is already taken.

How Much Does it Cost to Change Your Summoner Name in League of Legends?

Changing your username in League of Legends once will cost you 1300 RP. So, if we calculate it – or just check the Riot store – then we can see that 1300 RP actually equates to €10.

Why is it so expensive to change your username, though? It's because most of the data Riot has gotten will be stored under your original summoner name and well, some of you have had your accounts since the early 2010s which is over 10 years ago... that's a lot of data to keep track of.

So when you change your summoner name, Riot will have to duplicate all the data behind your account. With the number of players in League of Legends, that can be quite tedious. So, Riot has decided to make you choose between a cool username and a few cool skins.

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What is the Difference between a Username and a Summoner Name?

The username of your Riot Games account is used for you to log into your Riot Client and onto the official LoL website. This is the name that has to be completely unique – basically, it's also our Riot ID. So that means no other account is able to use this name, so keep it close to your heart and don't tell anyone. In League of Legends, players don't see your Riot username, but your summoner name.

Your summoner name, unlike your Riot username, is the one your friends and other players will see during a game. So you're able to change your summoner name – as we have just discussed up top – but your username cannot be changed. Sorry to anyone who is now stuck with a username like xXx-dark-emo-light-xXx from 2012.

Oh, and let's not forget that your summoner name can also include special symbols. So if you want to be fancy and throw in those üöä's and then go wild.

Username, summoner name, Riot ID, these are all terms thrown around all the time, but we hope you were able to understand everything we ranted about in this article. The bottom line though? If your name isn't offensive, then why even change it? (Editor: Yeah, why would I change my name when I'm called xXx-dark-emo-light-xXx... no reason at all...)

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