Current League of Legends Server Status | Is LoL Down?

Every once in a while, you can't log into League of Legends. Is it because the LoL servers are down or because you haven't spent 10K on a gaming computer yet? Here's how to quickly check whether the problem is from Riot or selfmade.

League of Legends Server status
Is League of Legends down? Here's what you can do to check if Riot has problems on LoL. | © Riot Games

In League of Legends, there are always times when we want to curse the game to hell and back. Sometimes, you won't even need to get into queue for that to happen because the damn game just won't load, or ranked is down or any other reason. So, what is even the point of League of Legends if ranked is down, right? Play for some badges and challenges? No, thanks.

So, let's take a look at all the different reasons you might not be able to get your League of Legends fix on. Is it your PC or is it the Riot servers playing tricks on you? Why is League of Legends down?

Is League of Legends Down? How To Check The LoL Server Status

Most of the time, League of Legends works perfectly fine. There are times, though, when the ranked button isn't cooperating, so how can you figure out whose fault it is? In other words, is League of Legends down, or is your computer to blame for this atrocity?

Since League of Legends is an online game, there are servers in the back that provide the computing power for the mass of data that is required to run the game. The maintenance, servicing and operation of these servers is quite complex and sometimes works over long distances. So if a single part of the whole chain breaks, then the issue will have to be remedied - simple as that.

Is League of Legends Patching?

One thing to check is whether it's patch day! League of Legends has multiple patches throughout the year and when Riot brings out a new patch there might be some downtime due to maintenance, so make sure to check that before throwing out your PC in frustration.

Websites To Check The League of Legends Server Status

Thankfully, Riot has a Support Website on which you're able to check the current server status. If Riot Games has to fix a problem with the servers, this is where you'll receive all the information needed. If you want to take a look ahead as well, then you can check on this site, whether there will be server maintenance in the future. That way, you can make plans on your weekends and afternoons since you won't have to try and make it out of Gold IV.

Server status english
Nothing wrong when taking this screenshot. | © Riot Games

If you don't feel like checking the website, then you can also follow the Riot Support Account on Twitter. You don't just get server status news, but other abnormalities will also be noted here, so you're always up-to-date. So keep an eye on their Twitter!

Other Methods For Troubleshooting When League Is Down

If you think that the problems you're experiencing is from your computer and not an error code, then check out these solutions:

  • Is your Wi-Fi working or did it disconnect?
  • Check your Ping. — We even have an article on how to improve your ping in LoL.
  • Right-click on the League of Legends icon and click "run as administrator"

If none of these work, then open the League of Legends client, and you'll likely see an error code displayed. Here are all the error codes:

All League of Legends Error Codes

Error CodeMeaning


004The Client can't start the gameCheck that your internet connection does not drop and check if there is enough memory on the hard disk.
7The Riot server is slowly running out of capacity and disconnecting players.The problem is with the server itself. Wait and try to log in again after a short time.
1BThere may be an ISP problem here that throws players out of the game.Client maintenance is being performed. Try logging in again after a few hours.

Unexpected Error With Login Session

Login problems occur in the background of the client.Close everything (through task manager) and start the client anew.
0xc0000005The cause is often unknown, but this error prevents a connection to the client.In this case, the error rarely lies with the game, but with Windows. Start the game either in administrator mode or delete all files for the game.
A Critical Error has OccurredOther programs are hindering you from logging in.Close all programs with overlays like Steam, Origin and Discrod, etc.
Unexpected Login ErrorMost often, the problem is a weak connection that does not allow downloads or logins.Try resetting your router.
Unknown Direct x ErrorThere is a graphic problem.Either update the graphics driver or delete the game.cfg files.
002Similar to Error Code 004, there are problems with the patch process.Check again if you have enough space on your SSD and if your anti-virus didn't detect anything in the updated file.
The program can’t start because d3dx9_43.dll is missing from your computer.The data was not found.Check whether all of your windows updates have been done. That should fix the problem.
Attempt to Join Queue FailedEither a networking issue on your end, or a game server error.Check your internet connectivity. If it's fine restart League of Legends or even your PC.
Error 5C: Trouble Fetching InformationThe bug prevents payers from queuing up for normal or ranked games.

Check your internet connection. Re-set your router. Try logging into another account and back into your regular one.

Where Are The League of Legends Servers Located?

If, after all this, you're still not sure how ping works, then check out the server locations of Riot Games for League of Legends. Maybe that will help answer why your ranked queue is down.

Of course, all servers are spread out all over the world. There are a few extra private servers located in the US for the headquarters, but as a casual player you don't have much to do with those.

These are all the Locations for all Servers in League of Legends:

BrasilBRSão Paulo
Northern- & Eastern EuropeEUNEFrankfurt
Latin America NorthLANMiami
Latin America SouthLASSantiago
North AmericaNAChicago


Taiwan (including Hong Kong & Macao)TW


Singapore & Malaysia (including Indonesia)SAMSingapore
VietnamVNHo Chi Minh



Go and find a server near you! Every 11 minutes, a League player finds their server and ranked isn't down anymore. Then you can finally check out the newest champion, or play your true and tested main. Of course, you can also collect some prestige points for the prettiest skins out there.