LoL: LCS Spring Split Week 2 Impressions

FlyQuest continued its rampage through the LCS this week, with 100 Thieves and Evil Geniuses stepping up to join the top 4

Impv Fud0402
Impact showed he is the best top laner in the LCS | © Riot Games

The LCS returned on Thursday and Friday evening. The opening week that defied expectations multiple times by seeing TSM and CLG join FlyQuest and Cloud9 in a 2:0 week while Team Liquid went 0:2 and EG suffered a very uncharacteristic defeat. This time it was time to see if it was just a fluke or if several teams would perform far outside our predictions.

FlyQuest Are Alone at the Top

After a flying start to their season, FlyQuest continued to dominate the LCS in the second, starting their week with an expected win against Golden Guardians before ending Cloud9’s undefeated streak in a very high-class game. C9 did retain a shared second place, though, easily dispatching CLG on the first day. They are joined by 100 Thieves and Evil Geniuses, who after a few missteps in the opening week were a lot more convincing this time, both playing - and defeating - Dignitas and TSM, though in reverse order. We got to see Yiliang "Peter" "Doublelift" Peng’s Zeri and, well, it was quite the sight.

Team Liquid Catches Up

After their 2:0 opening week, TSM and CLG were quickly brought back to reality. The former team received two quick beatdowns at the hands of EG and 100T, while the latter started their week with a game versus C9 that started close but was completely one-sided after the first 20 minutes, before falling behind against Immortals and finding themselves unable to get back into the game. Team Liquid, meanwhile, appears to have shaken up their first week funk, dispatching Immortals in the Thursday game before taking another win against Golden Guardians.

Can Dignitas Recover?

With their victory against CLG, Immortals is now alone in 8th place with a 1-3 record. Behind them both Dignitas and Golden Guardians have yet to score a win. Both looked simply outmatched in their games this week, and while GG were able to hang on in the early game before falling apart in the mid-game, Dignitas were just bodied from the start and never quite recovered.

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The LCS continues on Thursday, February 9th. With games like FlyQuest against Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid against 100 Thieves, it looks like we’ll get some bangers!

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