LoL: Riot Reveals Plans For Entire LCS Season

With the LCS kicking off on January 26, 2023, Riot has revealed everything they've got planned for League of Legends throughout the year for the region.

LCS Finals 2022
The LCS is going on tour this year! | © Riot Games

The LCS Spring Split will begin on January 26, 2023. Now, Riot has also revealed their major plans to revitalize the region to try and stop the dip in viewership. It was already revealed that the LCS start time will be moved back from 12:00pm PT to 2:00pm PT (3pm ET to 5pm ET) instead, to try and accommodate viewers, but now we have even more information on the LCS action.

It's already been revealed where both the Spring and Summer Finals will be taking place, as well as what changes to the broadcast will take place.

LoL LCS Finals In Spring And Summer Split Revealed

The LCS Spring Split Finals are going to take place in Raleigh, North Carolina. The finals' weekend will take place on April 8 and 9, 2023. Both the semi-finals and finals will be played then, in front of a huge crowd at the PNC Arena, the home of the Carolina Hurricanes.

Ticket sales for the Spring Finals will begin on January 26 at 10:00am PT/1:00pm ET for Mastercard holders according to the official information from Riot Games.

Wait, even high-profile players can get perma-banned by Riot?

Now looking even further ahead, Riot has also already revealed information regarding the summer split. Newark, New Jersey will call the LCS home on August 19-20, 2023 for the LCS Summer Finals weekend. So East Coasters, get ready because the LCS is coming home!

LCS Introduces Season Tickets

As everyone knows for big sport teams, loyal fans can fork over huge amounts of cash and become season ticket holders. These fans will always have the same seat and a ticket to every home match of their team throughout the whole season.

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Riot is adopting the same concept for the Riot Arena, which means die-hard LCS fans in the LA area, will be able to become LCS Season ticket holders. Riot does note that in-person attendance is subject to change with municipal COVID policy.

Dash Receives Own Roadshow For LCS

Dash had announced his departure from the LCS analyst desk earlier in January 2023, but it seems that he isn't completely gone from the broadcast. Dash will be back for 2023, but instead of being confined to the analyst desk Riot have given him the creative freedom to for a new roadshow, which will follow players outside the arena.

This is means to give fans a closer look at their favorite players and to create a stronger connected between them. So while Dash is going to be able to explore other games as well with his hosting and analyst desk skill, but he won't be leaving the LCS completely, which should have some fans relieved.

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