League of Legends: ADC Supports Win Rates Reach Rock Bottom

The current pro meta in League of Legends is wild, with every support pulling out their favorite ADC to play. But is this a viable strategy for mere mortals in solo queue?

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The meta in professional League of Legends is wild right about now. There are a multitude of ADC champions out there being played as supports, with T1's support Ryu "Keria" Min-seok molding the meta however he pleases.

Of course, this has inspired multiple other players to test out these picks as well, especially fans in solo queue seem to want to show off their skill with Jhin or Caitlyn support, but the data says that maybe you shouldn't jump right into ADC supports for your placements.

LoL: Even Yuumi Has A Better Win Rate Than ADC Supports

Yuumi was nerfed to hell and back at the start of LoL Season 13, to try and keep her out of high elo and the professional League of Legends meta. She reached some of the lowest lows' we've ever seen in League of Legends, but now some more support champions join her in the dumpster and those are ADC support champions like Kalista, Varus and Caitlyn.

Professional players have adapted to the current state of League of Legends by building pushing, snowball lanes in the bot lane that can take on their opponents with ease without much of an opposition, but the problem with these picks is also how bad they are when behind.

These are some other insane bot lane duos you can test out:

Caitlyn, Varus and Jhin are great as pushing early game supports, but they will fall off in the later stages of the game. Their success also depends wholly on how well these champions do in the laning phase and whether they'll be able to snowball from there. Falling behind is not an option.

Being able to communicate and build the right team around these ADC supports is crucial. If you aren't able to properly communicate with your team it'll be difficult to master this type of a bot lane and if you make a single mistake early, you can potentially stop yourself from snowballing into the late game.

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Because of these reasons, T1's support, who has popularized these picks in the LCK, even told others not to play ADC supports in a post-game interview.

In the current state, champions like Caitlyn, Kalista and Jhin sit at a win rate of 40%, which is around the same mark as Yuumi, who has been nerfed so bad that she is basically unplayable. So, while pro players continue to show off their skills on ADC supports.

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