League of Legends Dev Reveals Plans To Combat Toxic Smurfs

Some of the most toxic players in League of Legends aren't the low elo, hardstuck-silver players, instead the people playing far below their skill level on smurf accounts. Now, Riot revealed that they're working on some changes to try and combat this toxicity.

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League of Legends: Have you had problems with smurfs in recent times? | © Riot Games

League of Legends isn't the most friendly game at times, with toxicity running rampant in any game mode. Even the 'for fun' modes like ARAM harbor some pretty nasty people who start flaming after one failed play. But when it comes to ranked and normal games, some players reach new levels of toxicity, some of the most being smurfs.

Some players have a second account with which they're able to play in lower elos and it's those players that start flaming, which has become a problem for many players. One Riot dev did state though that the team is working on a fix for this problem.

League of Legends: Dev Assures Fans That Change To Toxicity Is Coming Soon

Recently, a Reddit post went viral in which players talked about their experience with smurf accounts and how toxic some smurf truly are, flaming and getting mad at other players that are, understandably, bad at the game.

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Smurf accounts are nothing new to League of Legends, but the toxicity lower elo players have to take because of them seems to have only gotten worse over time. This toxicity aimed towards low elo players sparked the discussion on Reddit with Rioter Siraris jumping in to the conversation.

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They explained that "this type of experience is horrible, and [Riot is] working really hard to mitigate this type of behavior in all areas of the competitive experience." Unfortunately, they were not able to give specific information on what the player behavior team is working on, but they did state that there are "some things coming in the near future" which should improve the gameplay experience.

In another comment they also mentioned that there will be some changes to ranked matchmaking and to improve it. Riot already took some steps to try and make ranked a better experience, adding in two ranked splits this year, but there will be more changes coming to improve gameplay.

Unfortunately, player behavior is a rather complex issue and the team doesn't want to "launch something half-baked that will introduce even more chaos into the system". At least it's good to know that Riot will still launch something this year to try and help out anyone suffering from toxicity, but for now players will just have to continue to use the mute button until a real fix is added to the game.

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