New League of Legends Series Reportedly In The Works

After the success of Arcane, it seems like Riot is ready to try out more adaptations of League of Legends, with a new series being worked on.

League of Legends Early Game
Riot Games working on more League of Legends Adaptations | © Riot Games

A new League of Legends series is reportedly in the works, with martial arts legend Zhang Yimou as the director for the project.

Arcane was a huge success for Netflix and Riot Games, showing the potential of League of Legends adaptations. Now fans will be treated to another spin on the popular MOBA game.

Riot Working On New League of Legends Adaption

This time, we will be able to watch a TV series based on the game's esports scene, especially the Chinese LPL. The show will be directed by Zhang Yimou, who has a lot of experience with Martial Arts movies.

So far we know that there will be 40 episodes, with a runtime of 45 minutes each, and the show is targeting a younger audience.

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Regarding the plot, we know that it is going to be an esports drama revolving around the main character Bai Yang switching bodies with the esports pro Ma Da (whom he is a fan of).

If you expected another series like Arcane you will be disappointed, as this is clearly geared for the Chinese fan base, and it is uncertain whether they are gonna release a translated version.

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