Popular League of Legends Skin Line Returns

Recently, Riot released a dev blog for the Chinese League of Legends community. In it, they revealed some upcoming skins, as well as events, the fans have to look forward to. One of those is the return of a popular skin line from 2022.

Porcelain Protector Ezreal skin
League of Legends: What skins would you want to see make a return? | © Riot Games

League of Legends has over 1,500 skins in the game, with some skin lines returning to the game every few years. Last year, Riot brought back the Star Guardian universe, as well as High Noon and recently they've teased that they're going to also bring back another popular skin line.

The hit skin line of 2022 was none other than Porcelain, which was released right at the start of the year to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Now, Riot Brightmoon has explained that they're going to be expanding the universe.

League of Legends Skin Line Return Announced

Riot have recently gone to China. There, fans got some news on the upcoming second season of Arcane, as well as other interesting new information. The team has revealed that they're planning on making more dev updates specifically for the Chinese server.

The first dev video features Jeremy "Brightmoon" Lee, Executive Producer of League of Legends. In the video he thanks the Chinese League of Legends community, and also reiterates that Riot is focused on bringing more content to the fans.

Along with this message, he also mentions the popularity of the recent Porcelain skin line which was released for the 2022 Lunar New Year.

Already in 2023 we received a new prestige skin for Lissandra, who was a highlight from the bunch, and it seems that Riot isn't done with the skin line. He told fans that Riot wants to bring the skin line back, thanks to the popularity of the first run.

In 2022 Riot also released a second batch of other popular skins like Spirit Blossom which also went over well with the community. Unfortunately, it wasn't revealed which champions the skins team is eyeing, but there could be a multitude of champions that fit the aesthetic, right?

When exactly Riot will release the skins was not revealed. Now all we have to hope for is that these won't be server exclusive skins. The Chinese server has received exclusive splash arts for skins and chromas before... so it isn't too far fetched to imagine server-exclusive skins as well, right?

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