LoL: Riot Teases New Season Cinematic In 2023

League of Legends had a horrible start to Season 13. But now it seems like we might be getting another cinematic to kick off the second half of the ranked season in 2023.

Master Yi Debonair Skin
LoL: Is a new cinematic on the horizon? | © Riot Games

The start to the 2023 League of Legends season was anything but great, but it seems like we might be getting a compensation cinematic halfway through the year. LoL Season 13 had one of the worst starts to date, with barely any new information, nor a hype cinematic, so what does Riot have planned for the second half of the year?

Riot introduced a new ranked split system in 2023, so we might be getting something new halfway through the year instead of just a new cinematic every year.

LoL: A New Cinematic Could Be Released Soon

League of Legends have been spoiled rotten by Riot when it comes to visuals and cinematics. Just last year we got multiple video snippets for the big League of Legends Star Guardian event, as well as the best and grandest League of Legends season introduction cinematic.

On the other hand, 2023 has been rather underwhelming. Though, recently, Riot released a brand-new dev blog for Chinese League of Legends fans, in which they revealed that the team has been working on some fresh new content.

How long did some people have to wait until they were in a game?!

On the one hand, we're going to be receiving some new Porcelain skins, but there was another tidbit of information which could hint at a mid-season cinematic.

Jeremy "Brightmoon" Lee, Executive Producer of League of Legends was in China when he filmed the dev blog and in it, he explained that while the team did have some stumbles in 2022, they're working on some exciting new content for 2023, one of which was an exciting Season Start cinematic.

I'm really excited for the future of League. We have an exciting Season Start CG (cinematic) coming, which I hope you'll be excited about.

Now he didn't specify whether he meant a 2024 season cinematic, or it's one for the second ranked season of the year, but we're going to huff on that copium and hope for one in June or July for the start of the second League of Legends ranked split of the year.

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