LoL Players Pissed Over Inkshadow Champion Choices

Riot just revealed their newest skin line, Inkshadow, which will be released throughout the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational. Some of the champion choices had fans pretty upset though.

The new Inkshadow skins in League of Legends look incredible and bring something fresh and new to the Rift. But sadly one of the things that never changes is the Champions Riot prefers, and it has some people pretty upset.

Multiple champions are getting Inkshadow skins, but the choices for the prestige, as well as the legendary skin, are what most people have problems with, especially with some more rare champions on the list for the skin line as well.

LoL Inkshadow Skins: Fans Upset Over Prestige and Legendary Choice

Last year, for the 2022 League of Legends World Championship, Riot released a whole new batch of Spirit Blossom skins. The skins were incredible and fans praised them. Master Yi was given one of the new Prestige 2.0 skins, with a new splash art and the skin was available in the event shop for tokens.

Not going to lie, but an Inkshadow skin for Twitch would also look kind of sick!

Not even half a year later the champion is already getting another unique skin. He will be the holder of the Inkshadow legendary skin, which will be the champion's second legendary skin as well.

Master Yi isn't the only champion players are upset with though. In 2020, Riot released the LoLxAAPE collaboration for the Yasuo True Damage Prestige skin. Now, just three years later he is going to be receiving his second prestige skin.

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Some fans believe that other champions in the skin line would have deserved to receive either their first legendary or first prestige skin instead. Even if Riot hadn't wanted to go for the 'ugly' or 'less popular champions', they could have still picked Yone for his first prestige skin instead of his brother.

Volibear and Aurelion Sol also don't have legendary skins yet, so they could have also been a perfect choice.

It seems that Riot is recycling champions for legendary and prestige skins. Not too long ago Miss Fortune received her second prestige skin, while Riven got a second legendary as well during the Broken Covenant showcase. There are over 160 champions in the game, but Riot keeps picking the same champions for these special skins.

While fans are hyped for Udyr, Aurelion Sol and Volibear, it does feel repetitive and hopefully Riot listens to the community suggestion about bringing more variety to the prestige and legendary skin catalog.

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