LoL Broken Covenant Showcase Event: Everything You Need to Know

The new LoL Broken Covenant skins will be released in LoL Patch 13.5. With the new skin line we will also be getting a new in-game event. So, what loot is available in the Broken Covenant Event?

Broken Covenant Cho Gath
This splash art for Broken Covenant Cho'Gath is the best LoL splash ever made. You can't change my mind. | © Riot Games

The newest skin line in League of Legends has just been revealed and it is going to take us to a whole new world in which nuns fight and castles come to life. Not only are we getting some banger skins, but Riot will also have an in-client event.

So, what can you get in this showcase event, and what loot will be made available to players? Let's go over the information we've got already regarding the League of Legends Broken Covenant event.

LoL Broken Covenant Event: Loot, Event Track & Rewards

Broken Covenant Showcase Event

Unlike many had thought the Broken Covenant skins won't be getting a "huge" event like the Lunar Revel 2023 event. Instead, this is going to be a showcase event. These are usually on a smaller scale with fewer in-client loot.

You will still be able to get loot and grab bags, but there likely won't be a huge hub. This is a similar event to the 2022 Eclipse showcase event which featured some interesting puzzles and missions to complete.

Will any of the champions on this list be getting some skins in the Broken Covenant showcase event?

Broken Covenant Loot Items

According to Twitter user and data miner Julex Gameplays these are some of the items that will be made available

Broken Covenant Grab BagAspirant Grab Bag
  • 1 Skin Shard worth 1350 RP or below
  • 2 Skin Shards worth 975 RP or more
  • Bonus chance at 2 Skin Shards worth 975 RP or more
Broken Covenant CapsuleNeverghaast apsule
  • 3 random skin shards
  • Chance to obtain a Aspirant 2023 Grab Bag

Broken Covenant Unique Mythic Icon

According to Julex Gameplays players can also utilize their mythic essence to craft a unique icon. In the data mine they found a text stating, "Broken Covenant Mythic Essence Icon": "An icon crafted w/ the 125 Mythic Essence shop item."

So it seems that with precious Mythic Essence players will be able to get a unique and rare icon, but to be honest who would pay so much, as much as a rare prestige skin, for an icon in League of Legends, right?

Miss Fortune Prestige Skin

Unlike with big events, you won't have to farm tokens to receive then prestige skin. Instead, the prestige for Miss Fortune is going to be made available in the Mythic Shop, which means you can spend mythic essence to get her.

According to data mine, Prestige Broken Covenant Miss Fortune will be available for 125 Mythic Essence in the shop. So for anyone who has saved up all their free mythic essence thanks to Prime Gaming... you can finally use it!

Broken Covenant Skins

As we have mentioned in our Broken Covenant article, there are going to be eight skins available. Six skins will be epic tier skins, one mythic skin and one legendary skin. Riven will be getting a legendary skin, while Miss Fortune has her second prestige skin.

All other champions will be getting epic tier skins:

  • Broken Covenant Vladimir
  • Broken Covenant Cho'Gath
  • Broken Covenant Nocturne
  • Broken Covenant Miss Fortune
  • Broken Covenant Rakan
  • Broken Covenant Xayah

This is going to be a smaller scale event, but you can still get some in-game loot with chromas available for the champions, as well as multiple icons and emotes as well. You can still complete missions for some free loot.

We think that in LoL Patch 13.6, a bigger event might be coming to the League of Legends client, with the reveal of either Milio or Naafiri, the next two champions, inching ever closer. Would a Fairy Court skin line be the one to get a bigger event or is Riot keeping these skins for the huge summer event?

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