League of Legends: Lethality Items Are Getting Big Changes

Riot is sick and tired of these OP lethality items and Riot Axes outlines what League of Legends items they're looking at for some major changes in the future.

Spirit blossom master yi
LoL: Master Yi is crying right now. | © Riot Games

Riot just announced that they are going to be making some adjustments to lethality mythic items and some League of Legends players might have to find a new build for their favorite champion in the game.

In the most recent quick gameplay update, Riot Axes talked about a new strategy to buff champions, as well as the current state of roaming mid laners. One more point he touched upon was lethality mythic items.

LoL: Prowler's Claw and Duskblade To Receive Reworks

Though it is not written into stone just yet, but it seems that the balance team is looking inot making some major changes for two very strong items. Both Prowler's Claw and Duskblade of Draktharr are two very good items on a multitude of champions, but it seems that they could be a little too good on champions these items weren't intended for.

Riot saw our video on Prowler's Claw combos and decided enough was enough:

Prowler’s Claw is breaking the counterplay on too many champions in ways we’re pretty uncomfortable with for high-skilled play. Duskblade is currently fine-ish mostly because we keep it kind of weak.

So, the real problem here seems to lie with Prowler's Claw, but Riot Axes also explained that they've kept Duskblade pretty weak, since they know the moment they buff it, it's going to get abused by non-assassin champions like Master Yi or Darius.

When Will Riot Make Changes To These Items?

There is no estimated time yet for the reworks of these items. They are working on a solution to the problem at hand, with Prowler's Claw just being too strong on too many champions, breaking the game.

Riot does want to look for a solution to the problems the items cause instead of needlessly nerfing them so no one, not even the champions intended for the item, are able to build it any longer. Therefore, the team will take their time to assess different options before putting any changes live.

At least with this information, players know ahead of time, that Riot is looking tomake some changes to the items. With the new strategy of being more transparent this should improve communication and stop players from being completely against the changes since they'll be able to prepare, at least mentally, ahead of time.

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