LoL Essence Emporium: Riot Finally Gives Update On Next Blue Essence Sale

Riot announced halfway through Season 12 that the Essence Emporium, the blue essence sale, would be taking a break for the foreseeable future. No updates have been given since, but Riot have now finally made a comment on Reddit. Is it the answer fans have been hoping for?

Urfwick Skin Splash
League of Legends: This was a skin you could purchase with Blue Essence! | © Riot Games

League of Legends used to have a sale in which players could get emotes, ward skins and regular champion skins all for their precious blue essence. Basically, it meant players could get these things for free since Blue Essence (BE) is basically being thrown at players throughout the entire game.

With players getting so much free Blue Essence throughout the year, the Essence Emporium was a great way to get rid of some, since many long-time players don't need to purchase new champions or rune pages anymore. So, what has Riot said about the return of the Blue Essence Sale?

LoL Essence Emporium: Is Its Return Imminent?

The Blue Essence Emporium was a pretty cool thing for players to get rid of some of the surplus of Blue Essence. With BE being the free currency in League, players have more than enough of it, but in LoL Patch 12.12 it was announced that the Emporium was going on hiatus.

It's not the Essence Emporium, but would we want any big booty skins for these champions:

They did state they were doing this to better the shop, but thus far Riot has been radio silent ahead of the return. Now, a player asked a Rioter directly in a Reddit thread about the Essence Emporium and whether the fans will get an update.

Riot dev, GalaxySmash replied, stating that currently there is no official update, but that the Essence Emporium has not been forgotten. So, unfortunately for players, there doesn't seem to be a release window for the next Blue Essence sale in the League of Legends client.

Players Suggest Ways Of Spending Blue Essence

If you've got every single champion in League of Legends, you've probably got no more use for the influx of blue essence on your account, right? Well, some League of Legends players have some suggestions under the reply from GalaxySmash on how to spend BE.

Of course, you can spend it on every available rune page. You can also purchase Clash tickets with your Blue Essence and some have even said they want to purchase clash tickets with them. Of course, you can also use it to change your Summoner Name.

Sharing Blue Essence was also a suggestion, so newer players who don't have as much could get the champions they want sooner. Maybe a champion they liked will be more expensive after the new pricing strategy Riot implemented?

For anyone who wanted to get a BE emote or a ward skin, you'll have to be patient though, since there is no outlook on a new Essence Emporium anytime soon, unfortunately.

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