LoL: Riot To Change Pricing System For League Champions

Riot is going to be making some big changes for new players in League of Legends. One of those changes it how they'll be pricing LoL Champions.

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What new pricing tier will LeBlanc be a part of? | © Riot Games

Riot is going to be updating their outdated pricing strategy for League of Legends champions. In a recent dev blog Riot BarackProbama revealed some new information regarding the pricing of champions and how they want to make it more friendly to new players, as well as returning LoL players.

They revealed some key changes they'll be making to LoL champions, especially how pricing works and what is going to be considered with the price of a champion.

LoL: New Pricing Strategy for Champions Revealed

The current pricing strategy for League of Legends champions is pretty outdated. Champions will lose value depending on a specific amount of champions that have been released since their own release, which means that often price drops happen very late.

That's why Riot is going to be updating that part of the pricing strategy, making pricing based off how many seasons a champion has been available. Not only that, but they will also take the difficulty of a champion into consideration.

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A key part for Riot is to keep players and player retention most often happens when players find a champion that resonates with them and that is fun to play. Some champions have a steeper learning curve, while others are more beginner-friendly, which is what will also be taken into account with the new pricing strategy.

Beginner-friendly, older champions like Yuumi, Miss Fortune and Malphite will be in the lowest cost tier, while newly released champions within the last year will cost more.

  • 450 BE / 260 RP - Champions that are awesome for new players.
  • 1350 BE / 585 RP - Champions that are a bit more complex than the lower tier, but still approachable for interested folks.
  • 3150 BE / 790 RP - Champions that have a larger degree of difficulty or specialization in their play.
  • 4444 BE / 880 RP - Only perfection and beauty are allowed at this tier.
  • 4800 BE / 880 RP - The majority of the roster will live here.
  • 6300 BE / 975 RP - Champions that have come out in the past two seasons, after which they will move to the tier above after the next season starts.
  • 7800 BE / 975 RP - Champions that have come out in the past week.
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Champion Updates To Affect Pricing

Champions won't randomly be put into a different price tier, but if a champion was to receive a meaningful change like a CGU or a VGU, or even a mid-scope update that changes their play, then Riot could change the price.

Champions that have VGUs (Visual/Gameplay Updates like Fiddlesticks), CGUs (Core Gameplay Updates like Aurelion Sol), or Midscope updates (smaller gameplay updates like Syndra) that change their tier will also see their prices updated if we feel they’ve become better experiences for new or returning players.

Some champions, that are currently on the lower end of pricing will also be priced up, since data has shown that these aren't champions which help new players have meaningful experiences when starting out League.

  • Ryze
  • Kayle
  • Twisted Fate
  • Singed

These champions will be sold for 4800 Blue Essence going forward, but they will keep their 260 RP price tag if someone wants to use real money for champions.

Riot Will Create Champion Bundles

Not only is Riot changing the way champions are priced, but they'll also be adding a champion bundle for players to purchase. The Champion Bundle will include a multitude of champions at a reduced price, saving 140,606 BE and 14,905 RP.

In this bundle players will receive champions from various roles as well as with varying difficulty, so that new players can gain a wide spectrum of the League catalogue to find their one true main.

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