Highly Requested Wild Rift Skins Moving to League PC

During the 2022 Star Guardian event fans were outraged when they saw Seraphine's Wild Rift exclusive skin. Now, Riot is going to port over the skin to League PC along with some other skins.

Star Guardian Seraphine
She is a reality! | © Riot Games

When Star Guardian Seraphine was announced fans were hyped. This was one of the most requested skins for the champion since her aesthetic fits the magical girl vibe perfectly. Then it was revealed that this skin would be Wild Rift exclusive and the community was outraged.

While League of Legends PC had great skins, this was one of the most wanted skins by everyone, not just Seraphine mains, and it seemed like Riot was completely disregarding the PC player base. Now, this could change though.

Multiple Star Guardian Skins Coming From Wild Rift to LoL PC

In a recent video released, Riot Brightmoon and Riot Meddler revealed some plans for the future of League, keeping their promise to be more open about what is happening at Riot. They touched upon the recent cyberattack, stating that almost everything was back to normal, as well as showing off two champions that would be getting ASU's in 2023 and 2024.

They also revealed that they would be porting over some skins from Riot's mobile game Wild Rift into the PC version. The confirmed skins that they would be adding to League of Legends are:

  • Star Guardian Seraphine
  • Star Guardian Xayah (Redeemed)
  • Star Guardian Rakan (Redeemed)

They also added on that they hope to bring more Wild Rift skins to League of Legends PC.

Unfortunately, they do not have an exact timeline of when and how the skins will be ported, since the games might look the same, but they are very different. League of Legends is still based on an ancient client while Wild Rift has a new and working client.

Wild Rift Splash Arts to Replace Older Splash Arts in LoL

Some older champion splash arts could also be replaced by current and updated Wild Rift splash arts as Riot Meddler explained in the video. He did state that some new splash arts, inspired by the ones from Wild Rift, could also be added.

Overall, this will make League feel more fresh and less outdated in comparison to it's younger brethren. What Wild Rift skins could Riot port over after the Star Guardian skins?

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