LoL: Roaming Mid Laners Suffer After Patch Update

In a recent quick gameplay update, Riot Axes goes over the current state of roaming mid lane champions in League of Legends and what the balance team is working on to try and help the class out of the gutter.

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Leage of Legends: Why are roaming mid laners suffering right now? | © Riot Games

Riot have been making some changes with the last few patches to try and combat the power of early game roams for mid laners. One of those changes was kill experience in the early stages of the game, but these changes have had an effect on some specific champions.

Riot Axes revealed more information on the thought process behind these changes and how the team is looking to help out the suffering champion in the coming updates, as well as balance early roams in general.

LoL: Some Roaming Mages Win Rates Plummet

Riot Axes revealed that there has been some evidence that roaming mid lane champions like Qiyana, Pantheon and Fizz have suffered due to the recent early kill experience changes. Their win rates are not where they are supposed to be, which is why specific champions will be getting buffed in the coming patch.

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On the other hand, champions like Yone didn't have too much of a drop for the balance team to worry and champions like Katarina and Talon, who the team thought would suffer, have stayed just where they've always been.

This means that there could be another reason why these champions are so strong. Maybe they are good into current popular champions like Annie or Aurelion Sol, which is something Riot will continue to monitor before making any other big changes to the champions or the meta in this regard.

We view roaming as a little too dominant in high level play as of 13.3, so if it has been nerfed a bit as a strategy, we’d view that as an improvement to the game

With how easy it is to snowball a lead after one roam done well, Riot is going to look to make some adjustments, especially in high elo where roaming and well-timed play truly impacts a game.

Riot Axes did state that it isn't their highest priority right now though to adjust roaming, but they are going to slowly work in some changes with time. Likely players will slowly notice small adjustments with time, instead of one big update at once for roaming.

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