Misfits Defeat Fnatic on Day 2 of LEC Superweek

The LEC superweek continues - and for the first time in the organization's history, Excel Esports have qualified for playoffs. Meanwhile, Misfits Gaming tied Fnatic after yet another amazing comeback, and G2 Esports left no chances to Team Vitality, leading to a chance where the much-hyped superteam misses playoffs.

G2win 0603 2
Broken Blade smiles as G2 gets top 4 | © Riot Games

The LEC season is close to its end and it promised to be a wild ride to the last. With four teams still eligible for the two last playoff spots, and even the top 4 placement being far from decided, the teams had every reason to fight on to the end.

Excel Secure Playoffs

In a key match for both teams, Excel Esports took the early lead against SK Gaming and didn't look back. The UK team played a clean, technical game as they used their map mobility and vision to have an advantage in key fights. SK found no way back into the game and a near ace 27 minutes gave Excel the win - and the first playoffs in the organization's history.

MAD Lions Defeat Astralis

The second game saw Astralis start strong against MAD Lions, remaining comfortably ahead in gold in the first 20 minutes. However, MAD started slowly having a leg up in teamfights as their opponents found no way to get to William "UNF0RGIVEN" Nieminen’s Jinx. A big teamfight 28 minutes in netted them both infernal soul and Baron, and they ended after an ace several minutes later to keep their top 6 dream alive.

Quick Recovery for Rogue

After a surprise loss on Friday, Rogue had few problems with Team BDS. The favorites amassed a gold lead from the opening minutes and steadily grew it. BDS had drafted an early game composition but found no way to use that advantage as the game slipped further from their grasp. A 4-1 29 minutes in resulted in a second Baron for Rogue and they closed the game soon after.

Misfits with the Miracle - Again

Misfits Gaming and Fnatic have been fighting for a position at the top for a while now and the showdown between them delivered. Fnatic came out ahead from a very aggressive early game and secured an early baron after a 3-0 21 minutes in. It seemed like they were ready to take the game when they overchased after a won teamfight 28 minutes in and got aced, letting Misfits come back. The fights remained close, but in the end, Fnatic could not shut down Matúš "Neon" Jakubčík's Jinx and he led Misfits to another comeback win.

Second Loss for Team Vitality

G2 Esports were on point in their game against Team Vitality, taking several early kills. Sergen "Broken Blade" Çelik was a terror on Trynademere and the team had huge control over the map. Vitality found no way back in the face of a big map control and poke deficit and had to watch as G2 secured an ocean soul and Baron before demolishing their base.

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The LEC spring season concludes on Sunday, March 6th as Misfits Gaming takes on SK Gaming. Meanwhile, join our Discord server for more news and analysis!