LoL: LCS Week 3 Impressions

FlyQuest remains undefeated after taking on Evil Geniuses and 100 Thieves, while at the bottom of the table, Immortals and Dignitas have caught up.

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The third week of the LCS promised us several opportunities to check just who belongs where in the table. FlyQuest was as yet undefeated, but was set to face off against two of the teams we expected to be rivals for the top 4 slots - Evil Geniuses and 100 Thieves. Would the Green Team continue flying high or would some of its rivals take them down a peg? Would TSM and CLG serve another upset after their 2-0 opening week? Would Dignitas and Golden Guardians find their groove and serve an upset? Here is our review of Week 3.

FlyQuest Soars Solo

Let’s start with the obvious: after week 3, FlyQuest can fully be considered the best team in NA. They fended off challenges by EG and 100T and while both of their rivals played alright, FQ were a cut above, maintaining an advantage for much of the games and recovering from minor setbacks.

Don’t sleep on those two teams just because they lost, though - 100 Thieves simply dismantled Team Liquid on Friday, while Evil Geniuses took down Cloud9. Lower in the standings, this was the week where we saw a pleasant surprise from Golden Guardians, who looked great against both Immortals and CLG and went from dead last to just under the middle of the table.

Will Cloud9 Recapture the Magic?

After two weeks on top - or close to it - Cloud9 has now slipped up to the point where it is even with the Thieves and EG, a position high in our view is justified.They had a solid game against TSM on the first day, where a fed Kim "Berserker" Min-cheol monstered through the game with Zeri and even got a Pentakill, and had moments against against EG as well, but their aura of an elite team has been shaken somewhat. From tied for first, they are now in a three-way tie for second, but we were less impressed by them than the other two competitor this week.

Behind them, Team Liquid and TSM both looked like decidedly mid-tier teams, starting with losses against stronger teams on the first day before recovering with a win against a struggling squad. Finally, Immortals found another win this week - against Dignitas - but a loss to Golden Guardians cost them the chance to find another key victory and propel themselves to the middle of the table.

CLG and Dignitas Continue to Struggle

After their strong start, Counter Logic Gaming’s slump deepened this week. The squad was just outplayed by Golden Guardians of all teams on Friday, giving GG their first win of the season. The next day, despite getting a good start against TSM they were quickly set back and their old rival demolished them in the mid-game.

While that’s bad, Dignitas has it even worse. A good start against Immortals on the first day promised more, but a risky Baron let Immortals seize the win. Against Team Liquid, meanwhile, Dignitas were once again outmatched, even after taking first blood. Things are not looking good for this roster.

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