Mid-Patch Tier List: ADC

We check back in with the best ADCs in LoL Patch 12.02. Do you agree with our tier list of the best ADCs in the meta?
Early Game 12 02 ADC List
Zeri is already S-tier?! | © Riot Games

Zeri was just released and she is insane. Seriously, when hasn't Riot released a broken ADC? She zooms across the map and honestly, she can be played in any position. So, if you want some free LP this patch, make sure to play Zeri before she gets nerfed in LoL Patch 12.03!

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Who are our S-Tier ADCs in LoL Patch 12.02?

The S-Tier represents the best ADCs in League of Legends. These picks will get you wins even if you don't main them. They've got insanely high win and play rates, and they're dangerous in any team comp or situation.

ChampionWin RatePlay Rate

Zeri is the newest champion in League of Legends, and we're excited to have her in the lineup of new ADCs. She brings something exciting and unique to the game and plays like no other. Seriously, give her a test run and if you're unsure on how to play her, check out our champion guide!

Who are our A-Tier ADCs in LoL Patch 12.02?

Another three champions are part of our ADC Champion Tier List. These are picks you can also win with, but won't be as oppressive as the S-Tier ADC picks, so make sure you get your hands on these ADCs in LoL Patch 12.02:

ChampionsWin RatePick Rate

Seraphine might be an APC, but she is pretty good in the bot lane. I am not saying this because I'm biased and spam Seraphine + Braum bot with my friend... but maybe I am biased and saying that she is extremely strong in the bot lane.

Who are our F-Tier ADCs in LoL Patch 12.02?

The F-Tier represents the champions you shouldn't put your hands on in this patch. Just don't even think about picking these champions, unless you want to lose LP. Who needs a Victorious skin anyway? So overrated.

ChampionsWin RatePick Rate





Kalista just hasn't been a good pick for a while. Riot also hasn't buffed her much or done anything to try and improve both her win and play rate. Will she ever be an S-Tier pick? At the rate Riot is ignoring her, we think 'no' is the appropriate answer.

If you're tilted after too many lost ranked games, why don't you try watching some Arcane to calm down? Or you can just play another game completely? The new VALORANT agent looks pretty neat, and she is basically a carbon copy of Zeri.