Mid-Patch Tier List: Jungle

Who dominates the jungle in this patch?
Jungle Tier List Jan 26 EG
Will the Lillia buff help her out of the F-Tier? | © Riot Games

It's getting serious, guys. The pre-season is long forgotten, we don't even have any chemtech drakes to complain over anymore, and we've adjusted to the teleport changes as well.

Season 12 is underway, and we have to check just which champions you guys should abuse before LoL Patch 12.03 is hitting live servers with it's many changes. So without further ado, these are the best champions – and the worst – in the current meta.

Who Are Our S-Tier Junglers in LoL Patch 12.02?

The S-Tier picks are the most important champions to main in the current meta. With these picks, you'll win games with ease. You can gank and you can clear the jungle. These are all things that are important in the current meta. So, main these S-Tier picks for your season 12 placements!

ChampionsWin RatePick Rate
Nunu & Willump52.9%4.9%





The Void is taking over the jungle in the current patch. Kha'Zix and Rek'Sai are unstoppable. It's hard to believe Rek'Sai was nerfed in LoL Patch 12.01, right? She continues to rule the jungle with an iron fist. This is her jungle, and we're just living in it.

Who Are Our A-Tier Junglers in LoL Patch 12.02?

If you want to play one of our S-Tier picks, they're most likely already banned or taken by the opposing team. Hence, why you'll have to make do with our A-Tier picks in the jungle. These are still strong champions, with whom you can also win games – you'll just have to work a little harder.

ChampionsWin RatePick Rate





We spot our favorite champion in the whole game in the A-Tier. None other than Shaco is making a comeback in solo queue, but if we're honest, has he ever even left? This champion is bugged to hell and back, yet he's still extremely useful.

Who Are Our F-Tier Junglers in LoL Patch 12.02?

This is the tier you shouldn't even touch in this patch. Sure, some picks might look enticing, but they just aren't worth your time. If you don't mind losing a few games or experimenting in regular games, go ahead, but don't pick these in ranked:

ChampionsWin RatePick Rate







Gone are the days of Amumu reigning supreme. Sure, the second bandage toss was cool, and he's also got a pretty new skin, but none of that seems to help the sad mummy out when it comes to his jungling. Sad really.

So, go out there, play some solo queue and get your hands on those S- and A-Tier jungle picks this patch. If League of Legends is a bit too frustrating though, you can always sit back and just watch some Arcane, or play ARAM!