LoL Player Reveals Cap On Loss Mitigation – Riot Doesn't Care

One League of Legends player posted their interaction with Riot support on Twitter and some players are truly baffled by the information. Apparently there is a cap on loss mitigation for the week.

Jungler Master Yi
LoL: There is a limit to loss mitigation. | © Riot Games

Who could have known that there is a limit to how often you can be faced with an AFK player on your team. According to Riot there is a cap. When a team has a member go Away From Keyboard (AFK), the game automatically offers them to FF and move onto the next match, but now, as it turns out, there is a limit to how often a week you should accept.

Loss mitigation is an important part for anyone stuck with AFK team member and who still wants to climb solo queue. Well watch out how much you play because there is a limit to it!

League of Legends Limits How Often You Are Protected From LP Loss

Playing ranked isn't always fun. League of Legends, as we all know, is filled with trolls, smurfs and sometimes people just go AFK. Whether that is due to connection issues or out of their own volition, neither matters for the four other players on the team who will have to try and win with one player missing.

If this champion concept is real then I will go AFK whenever I face this champion:

To protect players from losing too much LP during a situation like that, Riot implemented loss mitigation which means that players who are stuck with an AFK teammate won't lose any LP after agreeing to forfeit early.

When the system detects an AFK teammate in the early stages of the game, it'll automatically ask the rest of the team whether they want to remake the game. When players accept, the game will end and they get put back in the queue.

Now, in League of Legends this happens quite often and there are more than enough players go AFK for whatever reason and well this one player had a bad week and encountered multiple AFK players in their games, each time remaking the game.

Then, on the final remake they realized that they ended up losing -25 LP and it was counted as a full loss. Thinking this was a bug, they wrote to Riot support, wherein they received no help at all.

Unfortunately, the Loss mitigation has a weekly limit and when the limit is reached, no further LP can be mitigated. [...] As a persinal advice, you can try to make ip combo teams with your teammates, as long as they agree and play the champions in questions, so that even if a player goes AFK, you can have a higher chance for a victory.

Basically, Riot is telling players to simply 4v5 in these types of situations. Of course, it could just be this one instance, but other players who saw the tweet also explained that they've experienced similar situations before in which they ended up reaching the Loss mitigation cap.

A cap on loss mitigation seems extremely unfair and players who play a lot of League are basically getting punished for playing so much, since they're more likely to encounter AFK teammates. Overall, the mere idea of a cap on something like this seems unnecessary, since no player plans with having an AFK on their team.

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