LoL: Wild Rift Does It Better – Players Ask For WR Upgrades For Vladimir

Wild Rift has improved Vladimir greatly, with a key visual update and now LoL players want the Hemomancer to get some love as well.

Vladimir W Ild R Ift Splash Art
LoL: Vladimir looks so much better here. | © Riot Games

Vladimir is one of the oldest champions in League of Legends and while he's gotten some upgrades throughout the year, he's never received a glow-up like he has thanks to the mobile version of League of Legends – Wild Rift.

Vladimir is a feared Hemomancer residing in Noxus, and while his design is interesting and cool, he is pretty outdated. Not only his in-game model, but some players also believe his splash art is in need of an upgrade as well, similar to the outcry for a Nidalee ASU after she was revealed in Legends of Runeterra.

LoL: Fans Want Visual Update For Vladimir

Nosferatu skin Vladimir
Please give this man an ASU already. | © Riot Games

Wild Rift does a lot of things way better than League of Legends. Not only is the game not based on spaghetti code from 2009, it's also just visually more appealing and has a lot of more fun and unique features that players could only dream of on the PC Version.

Since Riot have retired 32-bit support earlier this year some things have improved, like bigger emote wheels added into the game, as well as some new and interesting events, with the upcoming Summer event that will also feature a small fighting game in the client.

Wild Rift got an update Vladimir model and splash art. It would be cool to have it in League PC as well.
by u/yukine95 in leagueoflegends

But, there are still way too many champions that just look awful in the game. Riot have revealed that Jax, Teemo and Lee Sin will be getting Art and Sustainability Updates soon, but many fans believe that this is not enough and want more champions to be added to the list.

Vladimir is one of them and after seeing his new model in Wild Rift, as well as his new splash art in the game, players are even more desperate for the hemomancer to get some love from Riot in the coming months.

Will it happen? Unlikely. It seems that the team in charge of ASU's has enough on their hands, so unpopular champions like Vladimir or Zilean are going to have to keep waiting for their PC glow-up.

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