LoL Patch 13.10: Immediate Hotfix Buffs Three Champions

LoL Patch 13.10 has gone live and within 24 hours of the patch dropping, Riot has already released some hotfix buffs to low win rate champions.

Yasuo Prestige AAPE Skin
LoL Patch 13.10: Riot decided Yasuo wind wall needs to be up 24/7. | © Riot Games

LoL Patch 13.10 has gone live with a multitude of item changes and some champion adjustments. It's the midseason update with a boat load of changes, which means we were expecting some major hotfixes to be added into the game as well.

A day after the midseason update went live, Riot has already implemented three champion buffs to help them survive longer and keep up with the OP champions of the current meta.

LoL Patch 13.10: Buffed Champions in Hotfix Patch

Three champions have received some buffs from Riot. They're not the champions you'd expect to get buffed since they're consistently meta and some of the most played champions in League of Legends overall. But their main mythic got demoted to legendary, which could be the cause of their demise in the current patch.

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Therefore, Riot has taken it upon themselves to buff these champions and breathe some life into their gameplay once more.

Check out these changes in LoL Patch 13.10:


Due to Kraken Slayer being a legendary item now, Kindred has lost a lot of their damage, which is why Riot is giving them some much-needed buffs.

  • Health Growrth: 99 ⇒ 104
  • AD Growth: 2.5 ⇒ 3.25
  • E - Mounting Dead Crit Threshold: 15-65% target max health, scaling with crit chance ⇒ 25-75% target max health, scaling with crit chance

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With Immortal Shieldbow getting turned into a legendary item, one of the core items of Yasuo has been nerfed in this League of Legends Patch and his win rate has plummeted. Therefore, Riot is giving him more survivability.

  • Health Growth: 101 ⇒ 110
  • Passive - War of the Wanderer Shield: 100-575 ⇒ 125-600
  • W - Wind Wall Cooldown: 30/27/24/21/18 seconds ⇒ 25/23/21/19/17/15 seconds


Yone is in the same boat as Yasuo, which is why Riot is buffing him in this hotfix patch.

  • Base Armor: 28 ⇒ 30
  • Health Growth: 99 ⇒ 105
  • W - Spirit Cleave Cooldown: 16~6 seconds, scaling with bonus attack speed ⇒ 14~6 seconds, scaling with bonus attack speed
  • W - Spirit Cleave Shield: 35-55 (levels 1-18) (+55% bonus AD) ⇒ 45-65 (levels 1-18) (+65% bonus AD)

These are the three champions Riot is currently buffing, but there might be more hotfixes in LoL Patch 13.10, before Riot has their full balance-follow up in LoL Patch 13.11.

The changes mentioned above should already be on the live server, with Riot having added them to their official patch notes for the current patch already as well. So, how much fun are you going to have when there is almost no more cooldown on Yasuo's Wind Wall?

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