LoL Preseason 2023: Multiple Reworked Items Reverted Ahead of Release

Riot really isn't sure what they want this League of Legends preseason, eh? They constantly change the name of items, and now they're even reverting a whole bunch of changes... please make up your mind!

Seraphine Ocean Song
League of Legends: Riot is making some more item adjustments before the preseason 2023 kicks off. | © Riot Games

The preseason 2023 is going to go live in LoL Patch 12.22. With it we're going to be getting huge changes to the jungle, a brand-new drake and a multitude of item adjustments. But some changes that Riot has announced were already axed on the PBE server.

So, which items did Riot want to change ahead of LoL Season 13 and what has been reverted?

Preseason 2023 Item Changes Reverted on LoL PBE Server

Gargoyle's Stoneplate, Archangel's Staff and Seraph's Embrace were all on the list for some big changes in the upcoming League of Legends Season. But, it seems like Riot has decided that some of the changes they'd wanted to implement just wouldn't work all that well and have therefore axed some of these updates.

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Gargoyle Stoneplate Intended Changes

Gargoyle Stoneplate will have all intended changes reverted, except for the price change due to the Aegis adjustments. So, what were the initial plans for this item? Well, it was going to be like a Rabadan's Deathcap, but for tank champions it seems...

  • Total cost increased from 3200 gold to 3600 gold.
  • Build Path changed from Cloth Armor + Aegis of the Legion + Null Magic Mantle to Chain Vest + Aegis of the Legion + Negatron Cloak.
  • Shield duration increased from 2.5 seconds to 3
  • Shield will now decay after 1 second.
  • Armor increased from 60 to 80.
  • Magic Resist increased from 60 to 80

These initial changes seem to have been a bit too strong and with all the new mythic items for tanks, the Riot balance team has decided to cut back on these changes and go back to the drawing board.

Archangel's Staff and Seraph's Embrace Intended Changes

Archangel's Staff PBE Changes

  • Ability Power Increased: 60 to 100
  • Health Removed From Item
  • 10 Ability Haste Added
  • Awe passive ability changed from “Gaining Ability Haste equal to 0.5% bonus Mana” to “Gaining Ability Power equal to 1% bonus Mana.”
  • Item Build Path changed to Tear + Fiendish Codex + Needlessly Large Rod from Tear + Kindlegem + Blasting Wand.
  • Cost increased: 3000 gold.

Seraph's Embrace PBE Changes

  • Ability Power Increased from 60 to 100
  • Health Removed From Item
  • 10 Ability Haste Added
  • Awe passive ability changed from “Gaining Ability Haste equal to 1.3% bonus Mana” to “Gaining Ability Power equal to 3% bonus Mana.”
  • Empyrean passive ability changed to “Dealing ability damage to an enemy champion grants you 3 Ability Haste for 5 seconds, up to 5 times.

These proposed changes were intended to make the item more popular. Currently, the added mana gives players ability haste, while the proposed changes gave champions more damage reduction instead of AP, something players wanted.

Riot probably changed the items ahead of the next patch to go over it once more to try and figure out a way to improve this item and make it a viable choice for champions.

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