Ranking the LoL Champion Releases of 2022

We got five new champions in 2022, but which champion was the best and which new champion was the worst of the bunch? Let's rank them and how impactful these champions were and will be in both solo queue and pro play.

Star Guardian Nilah Final
Let's rank these champions! | © Riot Games

Each year Riot brings out new champions for League of Legends to keep the game fresh and exciting. Sure, new game modes and rotating maps would also be fun, but for now the team is focusing on the champions and balance of the main game played on Summoner's Rift.

In 2022, we received a total of five champions. Which ones were the best though and which champion releases should be completely forgotten? Let's rank the champions released in 2022.

Ranking The Newest LoL Champions From Worst to Best

5. Zeri

Zeri was probably the worst champion Riot has released in a long time. You guys thought Aphelios was a problem? Well, Zeri sure takes the cake when it comes to awful champion releases. She was way too strong and even a year after her release, Riot still has no clue how to properly balance this mess of a champion.

Zeri New Champion Lo L
This champion was – and still is – a complete mess. | © Riot Games

Ahead of the 2022 League of Legends World Championship Riot had to nerf her to the ground since she would have dominated the tournament otherwise. This caused her solo queue win rate to plummet below even that of Ryze who had been comfortably sitting at a consistent 44% win rate. This makes her the worst champion of 2022.

4. K'Sante

K'Sante is the newest champion in League of Legends having just been released in November 2022. We don't have much data on him yet, but we can already see one trend emerging from this champion – he sucks in solo queue and excels in pro play. Much like champions like Gwen and Jayce.

K Sante Base Splash Compressed
K'Sante looks cool, but he won't be a solo queue champ. | © Riot Games

Players didn't get to play him much in meaningful ranked games, but judging by his presence, as well as win rate at the 2022 Demacia Cup in China, we can tell that in the hands of the right players K'Sante is going to be nasty. But is he a champion meant for solo queue? No. Try hard Gold players will be inting 24/7 with him.

3. Nilah

Nilah wasn't a bad champion upon release, but she was underwhelming. Riot tried to do something unique by making a melee bot laner, but she didn't see much play after her release and her presence in pro play was also minimal, making her easy to forget.

Nilah wasn't a bad champion, she was just the least memorable of the whole bunch. Riot didn't do much to promote her and her lack of presence made her a passing fad that seemed to bring nothing to the game that players wanted... Seriously, Yasuo mains will continue play him bot even if Nilah exists...

2. Bel'Veth

Bel'Veth had so much potential and such a great build-up. From the beginning of Season 12 players knew a monster champion was in the works and when we knew we were getting a new Void champ... well the hype was there. Add in the Season 12 trailer and all of the other Void-related hints... and we were in for a treat this year.

Bel Veth Splash Art
Just look at how majestic she is! | © Riot Games

Kai'Sa and Bel'Veth's introduction halfway through Season 12 was well-made and Bel'Veth also became a niche jungle champion with a fun play style, hilarious animations and a unique look. She even became viable in pro play, which always helps a champions' popularity. But fans wanted more from the Bel'Veth release, hoping for a Void-themed event even which we never got...

1. Renata Glasc

Released early in 2022, Renata became the best new champion of 2022. She is a great support enchanter with a unique kit and great animations. Her play style is simple enough and while she does have one of those annoying 'don't die' buttons it doesn't feel unfair like that of Akshan who was released in 2021.

Renata Glasc Splash Art
She was the best champion of 2022. | © Riot Games

Renata was the type of champion that could be useful in both solo queue and pro play. with just the right balance of playable and difficulty on all levels. She's got a great kit that isn't overpowered or too difficult to balance like that of Zeri and she wasn't forgettable like other champions released this year.

Bel'Veth and Renata Glasc are the two best champions released in 2022 with the best lore, animations and abilities, making them the most memorable – in a good way – and impactful champions. Zeri did have a high presence but her unhealthy game state throughout Summer 2022 made her one of the worst champion releases of the year.

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