Riot Could Bring Back Unique Scrapped Mechanic With New Champion

A long time ago, Riot had an interesting and unique idea for a champion concept. This concept might be coming back with the Ink Mage Riot revealed not too long ago.

Riot announced the inclusion of some new champions last year and one of them could bring back a unique new mechanic that Riot already wanted to include 6 years ago.

The upcoming League of Legends champion lineup is stacked. We're going to be getting a new Darkin, a Vampire, and recently there have even been talks of a new Freljordian champion as well. But one champion might become the most unique on all of Summoner's Rift.

LoL: Could Riot Bring Back Unique Art Mechanic?

Another champion that should come later this year, or at the start of 2024 is the Ink Mage. This is a champion that has been teased before by Riot, but as we are slowly nearing their release, fans are already theory crafting what this champion could look like.

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Content creator BigBadBear found an interview which Riot Meddler gave a while ago, in which he explained that the team is currently working on a champion who uses art for their abilities.

Doesn't this sound familiar? It seems like they'll be bringing this concept back with the Ink Mage. Back then the concept was that this could be a champion that used art to draw their skills.

According to the initial concept of the champion, they were able to draw terrain on the map with their ultimate.

Unfortunately, this idea was scrapped, due to it being too complicated to use during team fights, but it seems that it was never killed off completely.

Riot could be bringing this concept back with the Ink Mage, though we aren't sure in what capacity. Having a champion that literally draws on the map could be very cool, but could also include more bugs than Vandiril can find.

One thing is for sure, with the amount of scaling mages Riot is introducing lately, we know we're going to be getting a late game monster with this champ.

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