LoL: Riot Delays Next Mythic Chroma

In LoL Patch 13.10 we are getting a new mythic shop rotation with some new skins. We were also supposed to get a new mythic chroma, but Riot revealed that it would be delayed due to some issues.

High noon lucian wallpaper
LoL Patch 13.12: High Noon Lucian chroma has been delayed. | © Riot Games

Every two weeks Riot updates the mythic shop with some new prestige skins and new mythic chromas. Unfortunately, the mythic shop rotation of LoL Patch 13.10 will be released without the chroma though, due to some technical issues.

Riot will be releasing the chroma at a later date though with the next mythic shop rotation, so anyone who was saving up their Mythic Essence will still be able to pick it up in a couple of weeks.

LoL Mythic Shop Rotation: High Noon Lucian Chroma Delayed

High Noon Lucian was going to receive a new mythic chroma for 40 Mythic Essence in League of Legends Patch 13.10 along with the new prestige skin rotation. Unfortunately, there were some problems with the icon of the chroma, which means that it's been delayed and will only be released with the next mythic shop rotation.

The next rotation is going to be in LoL Patch 13.12, so players will be able to get the chroma then, along with a new mythic skin of a brand-new mythic skin line which Riot will introduce to players very soon as well.

On Twitter it was explained that while the mythic chroma had been ready, the icon for it was not and the team did not want to ship the chroma without an icon. So to keep the quality as high as with previous mythic chromas, the team decided to just wait another two patches until everything is ready.

You'll be able to pick up the High Noon Lucian mythic chroma in LoL Patch 13.12, which is set to release on Wednesday, June 14. Cosmetic items usually enter the shop and mythic shop a day later so you will be able to pick it up on Thursday.

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