Riot to Compensate for Star Guardian Event

First it was Clash Rewards not being given out, now it's Star Guardian rewards and mission not working... Riot seems to be having some issues with their community events recently, so will players be compensated?

Star Nemesis Morgana
Morgana has stolen your Star Guardian rewards... | © Riot Games

The Star Guardian event has been a mess for many players. Not only are many players disappointed with the event itself, as well as some of the skin character choices and the ongoing story, but now it seems like rewards are also not working properly.

Riot Brightmoon, Executive Producer on League of Legends, sent out a Tweet stating that it is taking longer for players to receive their rewards due to the volume of players. While it is good for Riot to keep the community informed, many fans are asking for some form of compensation. Those that have opened up tickets with Riot seem to have gotten more information on potential compensation, which is a step in the right direction.

Players Demand Compensation After Mission Issues

Last week, multiple players, especially on the BR, EUW and NA servers noticed that their Star Guardian missions were not loading. No matter how long they waited for them to load, they weren't able to see the missions in their inventories. But that isn't the issue here.

Not only could players not see their missions, but they also noticed that they weren't able to earn the rewards associated with milestones. So, what did Riot do? They completely removed the missions and Star Guardian event tab to try and fix the issue. But since the missions have been back, there are still intermittent failures which prevent players from gaining their rewards, even when the missions have been completed already.

Now imagine paying for an event pass and this happens... fans are upset and are demanding Riot to give some form of compensation. But Riot hasn't revealed whether they will compensate players for their wait time.

Why Was Riot Experiencing Issues With Rewards?

According to RiotMikouz, the issues happened because Riot gave out more rewards than usual. Because of this, the rewards ended up in a queue, which caused a back-up in the servers and therefore took longer to process for players to receive their rewards.

Regarding the Star Guardian: Another Sky rewards: You may have noticed that your rewards aren't being granted as immediately as you expected. The number of rewards distributed is way higher than we expected (we gave out more rewards than usual) This has caused rewards to be "queued" (traffic jam). Our servers are processing them as fast as possible, but in some regions (BR, KR, EU) it may take some time to process.

Some players were worried about their rewards, but according to RiotMikouz, they've increased the processing capabilities to clear the rewards queue, so players will be able to receive their rewards quickly and efficiently once the queue is cleared up.

Did Riot Give Out More Rewards Than Usual?

The Star Guardian event might have felt like a grind for many players, but when looking at the rewards for the event, then it is true. Players have received more for this event than in previous iterations of LoL events, especially for F2P players.

Even more rewards were given out than during the 2020 Spirit Blossom event. For example, you were able to receive every single emote for free this time around, while the Spirit Blossom event had a few of the emotes locked behind the paywall of the battle pass. So, while the event might feel like a grind, Riot did include more rewards than usual with this one.

Star Guardian Event Store and Missions Elongated

According to a video by Matty Love Gaming, it seems like Riot is going to give out compensation to players affected by the constant mission outages of the Star Guardian Event. In the video, some fans sent the YouTuber screenshots of an email Riot sent to them regarding the SG event.

The Star Guardian Event Shop is going to be open until August 24, 2022 instead of August 22, 2022. In the email Riot writes:

We will extend the event store until Wednesday, Aug 24 across all regions. It means that players will continue to earn tokens through loot and missions, players will also be allowed to redeem tokens for two additional days.

Judging by the wording, it also means that the missions have been elongated. Not only are they going to keep the event longer, Riot will also add in a compensation mission starting Wednesday, August 17, 2022 that players can complete until August 24, 2022.

What Will Be the Compensation Rewards?

What exactly Riot has planned for the compensation rewards has not been revealed yet, so we will have to sit tight and keep waiting and hoping that Riot actually has something decent in store. Many fans are unhappy with the rewards of the SG Event, so a good compensation could make up for the lacklustre event thus far.

Free Loot For All League of Legends Players

Riot Games Support has tweeted out that due to the ongoing bugs for the Star Guardian event, they will turn off the free event missions and every player who already had an account before August 12, will be getting the free rewards automatically into their account.

This means that everyone will be able to view the Another Sky story in their client. Riot Games Support did state that players might not get notifications of their rewards, but they will be in their inventory. These changes will only apply to Riot regions, so Garena and Tencent regions aren't affected by this.