LoL: Riot Will Remove Token System for Refunds in 2023

Riot has had the same return system in place for a long time for League of Legends. Now, with multiple other game titles under their belt, they're looking to make some changes in 2023 and update the LoL token system.

Spectacular Sivir
Accidentally got this skin? Return it! | © Riot Games

Did you ever get a skin, realize you suck at the champion and then decide to refund it? Well, if you have, then you will be familiar with the token system Riot has had in place for forever... well it seems that Riot will be making some changes to the token system in 2023.

In the LoL Patch Notes for Patch 13.1, Riot outlined some big changes to the refund policy which will be put into place later this year.

Riot to Remove Tokens Halfway Through LoL Season 13

In the LoL Patch 13.1, Riot revealed that at the start of this season, every player should get their usual three refund tokens, as is usual at the start of the year. These tokens can then be used for complete refunds on skins or champions or other cosmetics you've purchased with either RP or Blue Essence.

Due to the complexity of the system, according to the LoL Patch Notes, it has taken some time for the annual refresh in the past, which is why this year Riot decided to bring the entire LoL community up to 3 tokens at the start of the season.

Going forward though, Riot does not see the token system as something sustainable, and therefore want to make some changes to the upcoming system. One of those changes will be the complete and utter removal of tokens starting in LoL Patch 13.11.

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How Will Refund Policy Change in LoL Patch 13.11 for Players?

In the Patch Notes, it was outlined that Riot will be streamlining the refund policy across all their platforms, which means that League of Legends will have the same refund policy as their other games. Basically, this means that players have 14 days after a purchase to ask for a refund.

They will be releasing more information on this change in the coming months ahead of the change in LoL Patch 13.11, which is set to drop on May 31, 2023. So, if you have a few more old skins you need to get rid of, like that accidental Spectacular Sivir purchase, then make sure to use your tokens before then!

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