"Sh*t Happens" - LoL Dev Claims Riot Did Not Cut Budget for Main IP

Riot is not having a good time right about now. Due to the lack of new content, announcements and an awful LoL Season 13 cinematic, the community is in uproar. Lead Gameplay Producer on League of Legends, Reav3, explained the current state of Riot, finally giving fans some answers.

Reav3 responds to fans lol
Some new information on the whole Riot situation has been revealed! | © Riot Games

Some fans truly feel like their favorite game is slowly getting killed by its developer studio. This isn't the fault of the people working on the game, balancing it and creating content for the game, but rather a criticism to the people in charge, leading the company, who only see the bottom line.

But now fans are finally getting some information, right from the source, regarding what is happening at Riot and why a lot of the content at the start of this year seemed off.

LoL Dev Explains Riot is Not Putting LoL in "Maintenance Mode"

On Reddit, a fan expressed their disappointment with the LoL Season 13 livestream and the lack of information fans received.

Yeah, disappointed but not surprised. Expect URF, OFA and Ultimate spellbook again along with the usual grindy recycled pass.

With the release of a new VALORANT season, a new map and new skin bundles, all of which were communicated with the community and properly announced, many LoL fans believe that League is slowly dying and getting replaced by VALORANT.

One Reddit user even went as far as to say that LoL was in "maintenance mode" which prompted Riot Reav3 to respond and explain the situation in greater detail. He explains that he can understand why fans might feel that League of Legends is on the back burner right now, but that this is not the case.

He explained that the COVID-19 pandemic had a lot to do with the current situation, stating that people took the opportunity when working from home to find different paths in life.

It was rough all around the industry and Riot was no different. It wasn't because Riot intentionally cut budget or scope for LoL. To put it more eloquently, shit happens.

While Reav3's message was pretty somber, it wasn't all doom and gloom for players still sticking with League of Legends. He explained that the team has been working on some bigger things, but those, unfortunately, won't be shipping for some time and that him saying this won't sway people's opinion, that only results and content will do so.

Some fans then wondered what those bigger things entail and just how long out they are. While Reav3 wasn't able to elaborate much, he did state that something should be coming at some point this year, but other things are still further out. We will likely be getting a dev blog in the near future to go over some of this information.

Interaction Shows Riot's Lack of Communication

This simple interaction on Reddit just shows that Riot has not been communicating with the fan base properly. Had they outright explained the situation and what was going on behind the scenes to fans of the game, then this whole shitstorm would not have happened.

Fans want to know why certain things are promised and then never happen, which is where these types of mix-ups happen. Riot has to learn to communicate properly and not force some of their devs to do so over Reddit, a platform not everyone who plays League is a part of.

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