LoL: Riot Responds to Season 13 Trailer Shitstorm

Riot revealed the worst season start trailer ahead of LoL Season 13, which enraged the community. This backlash caused the company to quickly backtrack and apologize for the quality.

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The LoL community was furious when they saw the LoL Season 13 trailer. | © Riot Games

LoL Season 13 is not off to a great start. Riot released some of the weakest content in ages, with barely any new announcements for the upcoming LoL season, following all that up with a lacklustre Season 'hype' cinematic that was anything but hype.

The community was outraged to say the least. Every top post on Reddit was related to the weak content we received. But it wasn't just a bunch of low elo nobodies complaining. This time, big content creators also chimed in, which likely prompted the quick response from Riot.

"Bring of Inifinity Missed the Mark" - Riot Responds to Outrage Online

The LoL Community was up in arms when the LoL Cinematic dropped for LoL Seaosn 13. No champions, no hype music, not even a lore story. The cinematic was a complete bust.

Not only did players feel disappointed, but many of the community's top content creators also rushed to make videos expressing their feelings regarding the cinematic and the direction League of Legends seems to have been taken.

This comes right after many North American fans felt like the LCS was taking a second seat behind the VCT. A lack of trailers and information caused the pot to boil over and everyone had enough, which prompted Riot to make the statement below:

Many fans felt that while Riot did give a reason as to why the cinematic was the way it was, they still want more answers. Simply tweeting out that "unprecedented circumstances" caused the team to choose an alternate approach to the video was not enough.

Riot did promise that they would clear up the misunderstanding in the coming days, but most fans want answers right this second. They likely won't be getting the answers for a while though, until Riot officially sheds light on the situation and what happened with the Season start.

LoL Devs Also Unhappy With Final Product

It wasn't just the fans who seem to have been unhappy with the final product and the start of the season. Some League of Legends devs went to social media to express their opinions. One dev sent out crying emotes around the time the LoL Season 13 cinematic dropped.

Lead Gameplay Producer Reav3 also shed some light on a few issues that Riot has not revealed to fans yet, explaining that during the pandemic, some key people left Riot, which meant the development team had some big shoes to fill.

Overall, it feels like the developers of the game itself and people working directly with the players are trying their best, while some higher ups are making some pretty awful decisions for the overall state of the game. Hopefully Riot learns to communicate better, since most fans just want their questions answered rather than have the company stay silent over issues that have been plaguing the community for a long time.

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