LoL Season 13 Kickoff Event: Format, Livestream & Dates

LoL Season 13 is just around the corner. Riot is celebrtingt his year with a massive kickoff event that will encompass all 9 League of Legends regions. Let's go over all the details right now.

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Finally we get some news on the kickoff event! | © Riot Games

In December, Riot announced that they would be working on a kickoff event to start off 2023 with a bang. Finally, we have some news and information on what, when and where to watch this event. Who is going to be a part of it. Well, it's time to get hyped.

This will also be the first time LCS fans get a taste of the new schedule and time slot for the region. Will this be a major success as Riot predicts or a major flop? This will be the first test drive.

LoL Season 13 Kickoff Event: Format Explained

First of all let's go over the format. Nine League of Legends regions will be participating in the event. This means that there is going to be around the clock LoL coverage, starting with the LCK and ending with the LLA. So, here is how it's all going to go down.

Each region will play show matches that are best-of-three (other than the LPL where best of ones will be played due to the amount of players participating). How teams are chosen is up to every single region themselves.

During the best-of-three games there will be no bans. So get ready there might be some spicy picks! Instead, the 'fearless draft' system will be in place, which means that a champion that has been picked before will not be picked a second time during the game.

The winners will be working with Riot to create emotes which will be added to League of Legends.

LoL Kickoff Event Dates & Schedule

The event is going to last for two days and start on January 10, 2023 and end January 11, 2023. This coincides with the first League of Legends patch of 2023 dropping as well.

Broadcast Region

LCKJanuary 10, 20231:30-5 AM PT // 10:30 AM - 2 PM CET
VCSJanuary 10, 20235-8 AM PT // 2-5 PM CET
CBLoLJanuary 10, 20238-11 AM PT // 5-8 PM CET
LCSJanuary 10, 202311 AM - 2PM PT // 8-11 PM CET
LJLJanuary 10, 2023 - January 11, 202311 PM - 2 AM PT // 8-11 AM CET
Broadcast Region


LPLJanuary 11, 20232-5 AM PT // 11AM - 2 PM CET
PCSJanuary 11, 20235-8 AM PT // 2-5 PM CET


January 11, 2023

8-11 AM PT // 5-8 PM CET

LLAJanuary 11, 202311 AM - 2PM PT // 8-11 PM CET

LoL Kickoff Event: How to Watch the Livestream

Watching the livestream is extremely easy. You'll be able to either watch on Twitch, YouTube or the lolesports website directly, just like any other esports event Riot puts on in LoL. Here are the links to the official pages for Riot Games:

This event will replace the previous All Star event and should be held at the beginning of every year, if this succeeds. Some fans are worried about the LCS and the time slot that Riot has chosen, while others are hyped for the Faker vs. Deft match in the LCK.

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