Riot Teams Up With Paramount For New LoL Series “Players”

We've been informed that Riot Games and Paramount Pictures are working together on a mockumentary series about League of Legends. Who is ready for this?

Players lol serie
These are the star players of the series. | © Riot Games/Paramount Plus

It was a few months ago that we heard of the potential mockumentary "Players". Whispers came from the far corner of the internet, but that was all it was. Today, we get a glimpse at the official announcement, not only of the series, but also that some ex-pro-players have found new life in front of the camera! Who would have thought that this was going to be real?

What is this League of Legends Mockumentary?

Paramount+ has confirmed that "Players", a League of Legends mockumentary, will be a "comedic docu-style series exploring the world of Esports through a fictional LeagueOfLegends team’s championship pursuit".

A mockumentary? What's that? Well it's a fictional documentary which parodies the seriousness of regular documentaries. Often times you get shaky camera angles, wacky characters and lots of comedic elements, especially during the interview cut-scenes. Come on guys, we've all seen at least one or two clips from the Office, right?

"Players" was developed by Tony Yacenda and Dan Perrault. Where might you know them from? They were part of "American Vandal", which was a Netflix parody of multiple true-crime documentaries.

Who Are the Pros in "Players"?

For this League of Legends mockumentary Paramount even managed to land some Pros for their show. Two Immortals players are part of the fictitious roster.

Mid laner Jung “Youngbin” Young-bin and bot laner Noh “Arrow” Dong-hyeon can be seen in the press images for the show. Not only that but analyst and coach Michael "Miko" Ahn is also part of the on-screen ensemble. What roles they will play in the show is still unclear.

When Will "Players" Be Released?

The series has been announced for 2022. The exact release date is still being kept a secret, but we know that we will get our fill this year with the release date of the mockumentary this year.

One thing that is certain though is that "Players" will be available on Paramounts streaming platform 'Paramount Plus'. Whether they'll also release it on other platforms is still uncertain. Just looking at the old Logitech keyboards that the players are holding, we're certain to be getting a good laugh out of this show.