Silco Will Be A Playable Champion In 2023

Silco was one of the most prominent champions in Arcane, but it seems that leakers have found some evidence that we might get to play him in League sooner than we might hope.
Silco TFT
Is Silco really going to be in League? We dive deeper into the leaks. | © Riot Games

So, we know we got Silco in Teamfight Tactics this year already, but fans want more. They want to have this popular Arcane character on the rift as well and well... 2023 might be the year.

Let's check out all the information we have on Silco as a champion and just what he could look like, sound like and what his abilities are going to be. We just got Renata Glasc, so he might be a counter to her with his own enchanter buffs...

Silco Gameplay In League of Legends

Jason Spisak just lent his voice to Silco in TFT, and he will likely do the same for League of Legends, right? Maybe, maybe not. These are, after all, just leaks, so we cannot be sure of anything right now. But it's time to check out what we know about Silco's gameplay in League of Legends.

One thing is for sure, some of the abilities that have been leaked look... awfully familiar, almost like a certain killer clown has already used them. Exploding boxes, b*tch slapping blood out of someone... why is this all so familiar?

According to the leaks, Silco will also be able to clone himself! I totally missed that part in Arcane, but I'm sure once season 2 is released, we will find out more about Silco's cloning properties... right?

How To Play As Silco

So, it seems like our estimate of when Silco is going to be released as a champion was a bit off... if you're really desperate for Silco in your game, then you can already do so right now. Yes, right this moment. Silco is waiting in your game, somewhere, somehow.

Riot has even given us this champion spotlight!

Silco Skin in League of Legends

Okay, so while Silco won't be an official champion in League of Legends... likely ever, fans of Arcane and TFT have been hard at work. Scrafty has created a custom skin for our favorite jungler Shaco.

Custom skins are not a bannable offense in League of Legends, so you're free to download and use the Silco Shaco skin in your games if you wish to do so.

How To Use The Silco Skin In League of Legends?

Getting the Shaco skin of Silco is actually quite simple. Follow these steps below, and you'll be cloning yourself left, right and center.

  1. Get the LoL customs skins manager
  2. Download the Silco Shaco mod by Scrafty
  3. Save it
  4. Click run with League client open

Thanks to TFT creating a model of Shaco, Scrafty was able to use it and adapt it to Shaco for this mod. So, even if you're not a fan of TFT thanks to this game mode you now get to have Silco in all your games!

Oh, and... April Fools.