New LoL Snow Moon Skins: Release Date, Champions & Price

While everybody is enjoying the sunny warm weather, Riot decided to release a brand new skin line called "Snow Moon"! Now, what is that supposed to mean? Pretty anticyclical, but let's not judge before we saw what they came up with.
Snow Moon Illaoi
It's been 84 years... well, not that long, but we're excited to finally see a new Illaoi Skin! | © Riot Games

Did you actually think that Riot was going to be releasing more summer-themed skins after they announced the Ocean Song Skins? These new skins aren't of sunny nature at all – quite the opposite actually. Riot decided to dress some of their champions in fur and introduce us to a whole new skin line: Snow Moon!

Although the timing of the release of those skins seems a bit questionable, it does not take away from the fact that they look damn cool! I usually don't feel like playing winter-themed skins during the summer months, but I see myself making an exception for this skin line.

Which Champions Will Get Snow Moon Skins?

Three champions will be on the receiving end of Snow Moon skins this summer. They might be the ones sweating the most in their thick fur garments but they'll look amazing doing so!

  • Snow Moon Illaoi
  • Snow Moon Caitlyn
  • Snow Moon Kayn

Five champions were able to add an Ocean Song to their collection, but there is no reason to be sad about the fact that it's only three champions this time. If they look as stunning as the new Snow Moon skins we can be sure that Riot put a lot of effort into them.

How Much Will the Snow Moon Skins Cost?

These skins will likely all be 1350 RP. Don't get me wrong, the artwork on these is great, but there hasn't been any hints about one of these being a legendary. We have received many great skins for 1350 RP and these three will join the collection pretty soon. They surely are worth the RP you spend on them, especiall if you are an Illaoi main and have been waiting for years for a new skin!

When Will the Snow Moon Skins be Released?

The Snow Moon skins are going to be released in League of Legends Patch 12.12. This might not be the only thing to be excited about in this patch. Since Bel'Veth is bound to release with LoL Patch 12.11, we are looking forward to the next champion in League of Legends!

Nilah will shuffle the power balance in Bot Lane in due time, as we expect her to release with Patch 12.12 or 12.13. The most intriguing thing about her? She is supposed to be a melee Bot Laner! We'll see how that will play out.

Other than that we'll be looking forward to seeing these new Snow Moon Skins in-game as soon as possible!