LoL: Toxic Players Will Get Blocked From Solo-Queueing! Massive W For Riot

The devs over at Riot might finally have a solution to toxicity in League: ban all the toxic players from solo-queuing. Genius, right?

Master Yi Debonair Skin
Toxic Master Yi players can go kick rocks. | © Riot

What is League of Legends most known for? Is it all the fantastic champions, the awesome skins, or the groundbreaking esports scene? Nope, it's toxicity of course.

Luckily, the devs over at Riot are taking the fight against toxicity very seriously. They've recently unveiled some new measure they plan to take against toxic players, and one idea in particular has piqued the interest of the community.

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New Anti-Toxicity Measures Coming To LoL

In a recent report on toxicity in LoL, the devs revealed what measures were coming to players who were deemed toxic. As a first step, toxic players will be blocked from joining Ranked:

In the next few months we will be restricting Ranked play for players who have been punished by our systems. This means that if you are punished for disruptive behavior including intentional feeding, multiple AFKs, and severe chat abuse, you will be restricted from accessing the Ranked queue and will need to play in other queues to re-unlock the Ranked queue.

However, this is not all. If the toxicity persists, then the player might receive a total account ban:

These restrictions will also be in addition to all existing punishments, so for players who are consistently disruptive, they will receive account bans where they will be unable to play any games no matter what queue for a specific period of time. We will be monitoring disruptive behavior in other queues to ensure it doesn’t measurably increase after the release.

As folks who hate toxicity, we are in favor of these measures. But what do you think, too strict? Or perhaps you would like to see them get even stricter?

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