LoL: TSM Is Leaving The LCS

TSM has just made an announcement that the team is going to be leaving the LCS and joining another Tier 1 region. This has been rumoured for a while, but now it's become a reality.

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LoL: Goodbye to an era. | © Riot Games

Team Solomid, also known as TSM, is one of the most popular League of Legends orgs in the world. While they might not make Worlds every single time, their name is chanted at every single LoL tournament out there, having cemented themselves into the history books of not only the North American region, but also internationally.

They have been a driving force in North America and are the most recognizable brand out there, but on May 20, 2023 founder Andy Dinh announced that TSM would be leaving the LCS.

LoL: TSM Moving To Another Region

TSM will continue to be a part of the League of Legends ecosystem, but according to the Dinh, they will be doing so from another tier 1 region. This could mean that TSM is either moving to Europe to be a part of the LCS or the LCK and LPL.

I know the community has been patient and we want to be transparent with you guys. We have made the tough decision to start the process in transitionaing to another tier 1 region.

Dinh also explained in the announcement video, that while this might be sudden for fans, it has been something that the team has been working on for three years already.

He stated that this move will re-ignite the orgs hunger for a League of Legends World Championship.

North America has been struggling in general with their esports scene. Dwindling viewership numbers and the dissolution of many LCS Academy teams have given fans little hope of the region making a deep run at the coming World Championship, so this seems like the perfect time for a shift in TSM's strategy.

It was not specified which region TSM will join, but we believe it could be the LPL, with there having been rumours of the league expanding to 19 teams. TSM could be one of those.

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