Riot Replaces Ravenous Hunter With Treasure Hunter Rune

Riot has recently decided that they want to curb some of the sustain within League of Legends, which is why they've decided to remove Ravenous Hunter and replaced it with the new Treasure Hunter rune. What can this new rune event do, though?
Treasure Hunter Rune
Who is sad to see Ravenous Hunter go? | © Riot Games

A moment of silence for Ravenous Hunter, please. Riot has decided to curb sustain within the game, and it seems that the first big victim of this change in the game is going to be none other than the Ravenous Hunter keystone.

So, with this being removed from the game, what is Riot going to be replacing the rune with? Riot will introduce a new keystone in its place called Treasure Hunter, which is going to be rewarding players with added gold. Let’s check out the exact stats of Treasure Hunter.

What Is Treasure Hunter?

This is the newest secondary rune of the Domination Rune Path. As already mentioned, it will be replacing Ravenous Hunter, but what will it exactly be doing, and why should you pick this rune over others?

Treasure Hunter will give players additional gold for takedowns. Upon the first takedown, a player will receive an added 70 gold. As you play, you gain Bounty Hunter Stacks, which you can consume by getting more takedowns.

This rune will scale exponentially, and you’ll be getting rich like never before. Consuming Bounty Hunter Stacks will give players an additional twenty gold each time they get a new stack. Sounds pretty crazy, right?

Which Champions Should Take Treasure Hunter?

This rune seems to be one which is going to greatly benefit players who enjoy playing mobile early game champions. Unlike Ravenous Hunter, which benefitted players aiming for the late game, this seems to be a rune which will let early hunters thrive.

If you rake in a few kills early, you’ll have your first item before the opponent can even back. From there, you’ll be able to snowball into crazy leads. Any champion that benefits from gold early will have a great time with this champion.

When Will Treasure Hunter Be Released?

Treasure Hunter will be released with League of Legends Patch 12.6. Maybe try pairing this rune with a champion like Rengar. His long-awaited mini rework along with these runes might be something that can completely break the jungle meta.

We’re all sick and tired of seeing champions like Kha’Zix and Hecarim in our solo queue games, right? So let’s make Rengar meta again. Get ready for some League of Legends shenanigans in Patch 12.6 when Treasure Hunter goes live, and we all have to say goodbye to Ravenous Hunter. No more omnivamp for us.