How To Play FIFA 23 On Steam Deck

People are playing video games on different consoles, but they all have one thing in common: Everybody is playing FIFA – okay, at least most of them. Now the question is: How can you play FIFA 23 on the Steam Deck?

FIFA 23 on Steam Deck
That's how you can play FIFA 23 on the Steam Deck! | © EarlyGame / EA Sports / Steam

You can play FIFA on countless platforms: Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC... And there are also some people who play on the Steam Deck. But can you also play FIFA on it? We show you!

That's How To Play FIFA 23 On The Steam Deck

If you spent some time researching on whether you can play the world's game on the handheld PC, you will have found out that FIFA 23 isn't officially licensed for the Steam Deck and you shouldn't be able to play it. The YouTuber "Deck Wizard" has now revealed a method on how you can download and play the last ever FIFA game on the Steam Deck.

Second Software Needed

To play FIFA 23 on the Steam Deck, you need a so-called Dual Boot. In case you don't know what that is: A Dual Boot is a PC on which two different software are installed. Usually, it makes sense if certain software features are only supported by one of the two software programs.

That means you have to download Windows 10 additionally to the Steam OS Software, which is the default software and is already installed on your Steam Deck. You don't directly download Windows 10 onto your Steam Deck, but onto an SD-Card. The Steam Deck can then use both software and their functions.

When you've successfully installed the Dual Boot, you can then go ahead and download FIFA 23 from the official Steam Store. It seems like you have to do it that way because Steam has some compatibility issues with FIFA 23's anti cheat software.

What You Have To Keep In Mind

When you're playing FIFA 23 in your Steam Deck, it recognizes your handheld as the controls. You have to live with the standard button assignment and can't change them. You probably also have to lower the graphic settings in FIFA 23 to get a fluent and stable gameplay.

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