PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox Series X: The Meme War

Coffin Dance Meme
There's nobody who doesn't have music in their head right now. (Image credit: Reddit)

We've known what the PlayStation 5 looks like for less than a week, but the meme kitchen has been boiling for a long time - also in relation to the new Xbox. We have collected some of the best memes (so far).

With the introduction of the PlayStation on June 11, started not only the hype about the next-gen console from Sony but also about the most popular Internet phenomenon: memes. The image boards are already overflowing with PS5 and Xbox Series X memes. Let's face it, the new editions of both Playstation and Xbox have a rather interesting design. Before we get to the memes, let's just say that we've been focusing more on PS5 memes - simply because the console is newer.

Those of you who have read this far will now get their work pictures

Seriously. That's one way to do it. Router + 2x DinA4 paper = PlayStation5!

PS5 router meme
What has been seen, can not be unseen. (Image credit: Reddit)

Or how about a chic outfit? Linear cut... That's the way it has to be!

PS5 kaiba meme
The Xbox Series X has got competition. Kaiba looks exactly the same as we remember him. (Image credit: Reddit)

The white city of Lord of the Rings has also converted - even Gandalf must be astonished.

Ah LOTR memes and the PS5. Not something you expected eh? (Image credit: Reddit)

Even in a galaxy far away the battle of the consoles is carried out:

PS5 Star Wars Meme
The next big franchise! We notice: The beef is real! (Image credit: Reddit)

There's nothing like a little movie and anime meme content. The black and white design looks very futuristic - at least in contrast to the rather simple design of the Xbox Series X. Of course, PlayStation fans have also realized this and set off the big Meme War:

PS5 Anime Meme
The PS5 fans make fun of the new console generation, but they make even more fun of Microsoft. (Image credit: Reddit)

The Xbox just a piece of furniture on which the PS5 thrones? It could almost pass as a designer piece.

Ps5 XboX Meme
Is the Series X really just a box? (Image credit: Reddit)

I guess this is the nail in the coffin for the Xbox, since it is carried to the grave as a coffin.

PS5 Coffin Dance
When you hear the Coffin Dance in the background. (Image credit: Reddit)

This is also where the Switch gets involved. From a design point of view, this meme is right as the new consoles truly resemble various household appliances.

PS5 Consoles Meme
The war of the consoles has officially begun. (Image credit: Reddit)

Of course the big competitor of all consoles should not be missing: the PC. Looks like there's no one here ready for cross play

PS5 Game Meme
PS, Xbox, Nintendo or PCMR? (Image credit: Reddit)

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