Razer Enki Pro Williams Edition: The Most Comfortable Chair Yet

Razer, the world's leading lifestyle brand for gamers, has come out with a brand-new gaming chair and one thing we can say for sure about the Razer Enki Pro Williams Edition is that it's extremely comfortable, but what else do we have to say about this chair? | Sponsored

Razer Williams Chair
If you've got a bit of money to spare, then this is the chair for you. | © Razer

If you are someone who likes to play League of Legends or prefers to have a controller in one hand while destroying the opposition in Smash Bros, one thing doesn't change. You will likely be sitting during your gaming sessions. And we all know that you won't just be sitting for a short amount of time, which just means you'll need the most comfort for long periods on-end, right?

That's where the best gaming chair comes into play. You deserve the best of the best when it comes to gaming material, so why not treat yourself to the best gaming chair out there? Well, then you've come to the right place because today, we're going to break down the Razer Enki Pro Williams Edition.

Razer Enki Pro Williams Edition: Assembly

Let's start off with the most annoying part of it all – assembling this bad boy. You're going to need some big arms because the Razer Enki Pro Williams Edition is not a small chair. But honestly, even one person is able to assemble our chair and in our case, our skinny video intern managed to assemble the whole thing by himself pretty quickly – thank you, Federico!

Honestly, assembling the Razer Enki Pro Williams Edition was very easy, and it didn't take more than forty minutes. If you get someone to help you, then it'll be even quicker and easier. The instructions were clear and easy to understand. Seriously, this is nothing like IKEA, and you'll get it right on the first try.

Razer Enki Pro Williams Edition: Comfort

Now we get to the important part. Once you've assembled this chair and sit down in it to take a breather, you'll realize just how comfortable the Razer Enki Pro Williams Edition is. The back rest is made of two cushion densities for the ultimate restfulness. But other than the density of the material, what else makes the chair just so comfortable?

The Size of the Chair

As already mentioned earlier, this isn't a small chair. The Razer Enki Pro Williams Edition is big, meaning you've got a lot of room and are able to find the most comfortable position sitting on it. Seriously, it's got a 21-inch ultra-wide seat base with incredible support. This is great for long days in front of the computer when you shuffle around. No one sits stock still for hours on end, right? That's why the big size of the cushions are incredible. Long hours of gaming? No problem when you've got the Razer Enki Pro Williams Edition.

The Material of the Chair

The material is also a huge plus. Here in our office we've got a multitude of gaming chairs from various companies, but after comparing the Razer Enki Pro Williams Edition to the other ones, it just reigns supreme. One of the biggest plus points myself and my colleagues found, was that the material is incredible. Unlike other leather chairs, you don't feel sticky thanks to the sustainable Alcántara upholstery. The material is better than traditional leather, that's for sure.

Williams Racing chair Razer and Car
Razer and Williams esports come together with this collab. | © Razer

Razer Enki Pro Williams Edition: Aesthetic and Handling

The Razer Enki Pro Williams Edition is a collaboration between Razer and Williams esports, the chair meeting each in the middle. The color of the chair is in the emblematic blue color scheme which just looks clean. Seriously, the blue and black work so well together and look great even in a professional environment.

The tilt back of the chair is also great, since I personally do not like my chair rocking back too far and changing the feature was quick and easy with the Razer Enki Pro Williams Edition. On the other hand, some of my colleagues do like to have the full tilt back on their chair which the Razer Enki Pro Williams Edition also features.

You can adjust the backrest as well to perfectly fit your needs. Whether you like to sit with your back straight or lean back while gaming, anything is possible, and you'll be able to game as much as you want without getting back pain.

Razer Enki Pro Williams Edition Review: Verdict

Overall, the Razer Enki Pro Williams Edition is a huge success. It's a comfortable chair, made out of great material that any gamer will enjoy. It's a great size, even for bigger gamers, and it feels sleek and unique from other gaming chairs. Razer and Williams Esports really created a great product.

If you're willing to spend a decent amount of cash on a well-made chair that really is going to help your posture, then this is the one you should go for in terms of gaming chairs. No competitor can contend with the Razer Enki Pro Williams Edition.

The only big downside is the price. You will have to dig deep into your savings and there are cheaper models out there. At $1299 USD / €1499 MSRP this really isn't a quick buy, but something to think about, which is why we hope that our positive review has helped when deciding on a brand-new gaming chair. Live in comfort and get the Razer Enki Pro Williams Edition.