Anime Smash Codes (May 2023): Free Gems & Boosts

This guide collects all Anime Smash codes. Keep scrolling down to learn the ones for May!

Anime Smash Codes
This article contains all the necessary Anime Smash codes! | © Roblox / Anime Evox Studios

Anime games are considered the most popular type of Roblox games. Even though a few giants have overtaken the industry of anime games, many new projects have appeared in the last few months, creating significant competition for others. One such video game is Roblox: Anime Smash. It was released in April 2023 but made headlines in different Roblox media.

In this guide: learn about Anime Smash codes. Since the game's release, developers have been working on the code system, trying to give players more free rewards regularly. Even though it's too early to estimate if such a strategy can succeed, it is time to discover Anime Smash codes and get free rewards.

How To Redeem Codes In Anime Smash

While redeeming codes in Roblox is always a straightforward process, there are some nuances in each game. So, check the list below for the step-by-step guide for using codes in Anime Smash.
  1. Open Roblox and launch Anime Smash.
  2. Once done, find and press the Shop button located on the left side of the screen.
  3. Scroll down until you find the window saying Redeem Your Code.
  4. After that, insert the code from this article into a particular text box.
  5. Press the green button Redeem next to the text box and claim free rewards.
Anime Smash Codes How To Redeem Codes
Use the shop menu to redeem Anime Smash codes. | © Roblox / Anime Evox Studios

While redeeming a code, try to be careful with the spelling. If, for some reason, the code doesn't work, there is a slight chance that it got expired. Please ping us in the comments, and we will add it to the expired list in such a case.

Anime Smash Active Codes May

These codes were last updated on May 25.

Right below, we collected all the working Anime Smash codes. Use them as quickly as possible not to miss any rewards.

  • 500LIKES - Use code for Double Power Boost
  • UPDATE4 – Double Power (NEW)
  • 2.5MVISITS – Double Power (NEW)
  • 6KLIKES – Double Gems (NEW)
  • 4.5KLIKES – Double Gems (NEW)
  • 10KFAVS – Double Damage (NEW)
  • 11KFAVS – Double Damage (NEW)
  • 1KFAV - Use code for Double Damage Boost
  • 40KVISITS - Use code for Double Gems Boost
  • RELEASE - Use code for 150 Gems
  • SUPER - Use code for 50 Gems
  • SMAAASHH - Use code for 250 Power

Like with any other Roblox games, Anime Smash codes are temporary. Therefore, we highly recommend you check this article from time to time. We'll keep updating it a long time ahead.

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Anime Smash Expired Codes May

At the moment of writing, Anime Smash only has active codes. There is nothing to add to the expired codes list.

Where Do You Get Anime Smash Codes?

We understand that the rewards from codes might be insufficient. Feel free to go through the developer's official Discord and Twitter accounts in such a case. In addition to codes, you can also find all the latest news about Anime Smash here.

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