Everything In Rocket League's 7-Eleven Crossover: It's Bizarre...

Psyonix have launched a cross-over event with 7-Eleven, dropping themed-items and Rocket League Slurpees. Yum?
Rocket league 7 eleven crossover
Are those... Rocket League themed slurpees? Why? | © Psyonix & 7-Eleven

It's not unusual to see major games like Rocket League and Call of Duty featured on sweets and chip packets, distributed across supermarket shelves and magazine covers. Themed-cups, themed-toys, themed-everything is simply a matter, of course, but for a game to actually include retail store themed in-game items? That's just weird!

You see, Rocket League features all kinds of crossover events. Just yesterday we reported on a potential new Batman-crossover event that was teased by a cryptic tweet on Rocket League's Twitter page. A few weeks ago, a fantastic Black History Month-themed bundle dropped for Rocket League as well, featuring a couple of really cool crossovers with classic musicians. Honestly, the Rocket League Item Shop has been on fire recently!

A 7-Eleven crossover, though? I mean it's funny, sure, but do people really want a Slurpee Boost? That's a little weird, right? Well, maybe it's just me, but it seems like a bit of a cash-in to partner with 7-Eleven of all companies. Really doesn't fit the game's branding, but whatever. Here's everything you need to know, if this is something that interests you...

What Are The 7-Eleven Themed Rocket League Items?

There are three in-game rewards being distributed as part of this 7-Eleven crossover event. Each of them are available between different dates, which we will label.

  • Slurpee Boost: Available February 23 to March 8, 2022.
  • Big Bite Antenna: Available March 9 to March 22, 2022.
  • Slurpee Decal: Available March 23 to April 12, 2022.

To earn these rewards, you will need to purchase one of several different participating products from 7-Eleven.

What Are The Participating 7-11 Products?

Along with the Slurpee and Big Gulp drinks that are included in the event, which even feature color-changing collectible Rocket League cups (with a ball lid!), there are a number of other products that are participating:

  • Mountain Dew
  • Doritos
  • Cheetos
  • Big Gulp
  • Big Bite
  • Slurpee

How To Earn & Claim 7-Eleven Rocket League Rewards

There are a number of very simple steps that need to be taken for you to claim the Rocket League 7-11 merchandise and related in-game items. Here is a quick breakdown, also viewable on Rocket League and 7-Eleven's press release:

Purchase a Participating Product

Run over to your local 7-Eleven, Stripes or Speedway and pick up one of the various participating products that were listed above.

Scan Your App

You need to download the 7-Eleven or Speedway app and open it at the checkout. Scan the code to get credit for your purchase.

Look out for the Notification

If you have purchased one of the participating products, you will receive a notification to claim the Rocket League code. This will come as a push notification or via email.

Claim Your Code

There is a form that you need to fill out to claim your in-game items. There are only a limited supply of items so make sure that you claim your code as soon as possible. You will then be provided a one-time code for use in Rocket League.

Use the Code in Rocket League

Jump into Rocket League and input the code using the in-game code redemption page, as laid out in our Rocket League Codes Guide. This item will now appear in your garage.

There you have it, everything that you could possibly need or want to know about Rocket League's most recent, and incredibly bizarre, crossover event. Go grab yourself a Slurpee, eat some Doritos, whatever you want, there are Rocket League Items waiting for you on the other side of that cash register...