Blackout Forces Rocket League Pro Player To Use His Car To Power His PC

Some Rocket League players will go above and beyond to compete in the RLCS. Recently, one of them had to find an interesting way to power his PC during a power outage.

Rocket league car battery
This is an interesting way to power your PC. | © Psyonix/OlympicZA

The Rocket League Championship Series or short RLCS is basically the esports league of Rocket League. During the many RLCS tournaments, pro players can earn points but also quite a lt of money. No wonder that contestants go above and beyond to actually be able to compete in those tournaments. However, one of them just came up with a pretty innovative and weird way to keep playing while experiencing a power outage.

Rocket League Pro Powers PC With His Car

Rocket League pro player Oliver "Olympic" Gaenssler from South Africa wanted to compete at a RLCS event with $20,000 on the line. However, South Africa does have quite a lot of power outages. Even though, most of them are planned to save energy, you apparently can't rely on the local power grid.

To still be able to compete, Olympic decided to power his PC and internet with the help of his car battery. In his Tweet, you can see how he set up the whole thing.

While this is a pretty cool short-notice solution to keep playing during a power outage, we recommend Olympic get a generator for the future. That would save him a lot of hustle setting up his car, car battery and all the cables. Also, I imagine that an actual generator is probably much more efficient than a car in turning fuel to power.

TLDR? Just watch this YouTube short:

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