Can You Play Rocket League on Xbox Without Xbox Live?

Is it possible to dive into Rocket League on Xbox, even if you don't have an Xbox Live account? Let's take a gander.

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An Xbox Octane Decal? Now that's scary... | © Psyonix & Microsoft

Rocket League has now moved to a free-to-play model, but what does that mean for Xbox Live? Look, Microsoft (like most video game companies) like money. If they can spy a nice, tasty, delicious way of making a tiny bit more money for basically no effort, they'll take it without blinking. Seriously: they haven't blinked for so long now that their eyes must be drier than a nun's proverbial!

Meanwhile, Epic Games, the same company famous for sucking parents' bank accounts dry with Fortnite micro-transactions, now owns Rocket League. Oh, and the game has gone free-to-play. If there was a better recipe for terrible customer service, I would eat my cat – and I love my cat! This has us all wondering: can you play Rocket League without Xbox Live?

Can You Play Rocket League on Xbox Without Xbox Live?

Yes, Rocket League can now be played without Xbox Live on Xbox platforms. Microsoft confirmed in April 2021 that a number of major free-to-play online games are now available to be played without the need for Xbox Live. Some of these games include Epic Games' Fortnite and Rocket League, as well as Apex Legends, Warframe, and Roblox.

Previously, online play was limited on both Xbox and PlayStation to their respective online subscription services. This [insanely anti-consumer] business practice meant that if you wanted to play a game like Rocket League on Xbox, you'd need Xbox Live. If you wanted to play it on PlayStation, then you'd need PlayStation Plus.

Now that you can play Rocket League without Xbox Live on Xbox One and Series X|S, this could open the door for an abolishment of these kinds of policies for online platforms. After all, it's kind of outrageous that if you purchase a game like Call of Duty, you additionally need to pay for Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus to access the features that you already purchased... when you bought the freakin' game! Honestly, this is a disgusting business practice, and I'm bloody happy to see it flushed out with the dishwater. Good riddance.

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