Rocket League Season 8 Rocket Pass: All Rewards And Tiers

Psyonix offers ranked rewards each and every Rocket League Season. What are they, how do they work, and how do you claim them?

Rl season 7 ranked rewards
How do ranked rewards work in Rocket League? | © Psyonix

Psyonix brings out some fresh and sweet looking rewards for every new Rocket League Season, bringing tons of fantastic and unique items to everyone's favorite car-football game. You always have the choice of continuing to be a free-to-play legend or spending some money and treating yourself to the Premium Pass with additional items.

In this article, we show you all the rewards for Rocket League Season 8. This time, the Honda Civic Type R is the battle car you can use to start things off with a bang. If you want to take a look into the past, these are some bodies that have been available so far:

Rocket League Season 8 Rocket Pass: All You Need To Know

Ranked Rewards are special items that you earn through ranking up in each Rocket League season. Most seasons include about seventy different Tiers, each of which award you with a particular reward (if you own the premium Rocket Pass, that is). You can increase your rank in a variety of different playlists, and can track your progress by checking out the Rocket Pass tab as well as the Ranked Match selection screen within Rocket League.

Below is the complete list of all ranked rewards in Rocket League Season 8. These two tables make up both of Season 8's Rocket Passes. The first is the standard Rocket Pass, available for free, and includes a limited selection of items that are available at various different tiers up to and including Tier 110.

Meanwhile, the second table consists of the Premium Rocket Pass, available for 1000 RL Credits for the base version, or 2000 RL Credits if you also want twelve tier skips. The Premium Pass includes ranked rewards for each of the 70 ranked reward tiers available this season.

All Ranked Rewards in Rocket League Season 8

Unlock Tier Rank

Item Name

Item Type

Tier 2


Limited Player Title
Tier 5Uncommon DropUncommon Reward Item
Tier 8

Boomin' Bird

Limited Player Banner
Tier 10Uncommon DropUncommon Reward Item
Tier 13WindowedLimited Paint Finish
Tier 15Uncommon Drop

Uncommon Reward Item

Tier 18CosmopolitanLimited Player Title
Tier 20Uncommon DropUncommon Reward Item
Tier 22Chocolate ChipLimited Antenna
Tier 25Uncommon DropUncommon Reward Item
Tier 28CheeseburgerLimited Topper
Tier 30Uncommon DropUncommon Reward Item
Tier 32KrushLimited Decal
Tier 35Uncommon DropUncommon Reward Item

Tier 38

Finely TunedLimited Player Title
Tier 40Uncommon DropUncommon Reward Item
Tier 43Lucky LadybugLimited Antenna
Tier 45Rare DropRare Reward Item

Tier 48

8-BallLimited Wheels
Tier 50Rare DropRare Reward Item
Tier 55Rare DropRare Reward Item
Tier 60Rare DropRare Reward Item
Tier 65Very Rare DropVery Rare Reward Item
Tier 70Very Rare DropVery Rare Reward Item
Tier 80Very Rare DropVery Rare Reward Item
Tier 90Very Rare DropVery Rare Reward Item
Tier 100Very Rare DropVery Rare Reward Item
Tier 110Very Rare DropVery Rare Reward Item

In total, there are 28 different ranked rewards available to players for free in free-to-play Rocket League Season 8. The clear goal here is to elicit additional purchases from players, as the paid premium ranks provide us with a whole lot more items.

Additional to these ranked rewards, Psyonix regularly release different bundles into Rocket League, such as the recent Formula 1 Fan Pass 2022.

All Premium Ranked Rewards in Rocket League Season 8

Unlock Tier Rank

Item Name

Item Type

Tier 1Honda Civic Type RLimited – Car Body
Tier 210-94Limited – Decal
Tier 3Puff-E-PlumeLimited – Rocket Boost
Tier 410% Party XP BoostParty Experience Boost
Tier 5CannonLimited – Player Banner
Tier 6MazLimited – Wheels
Tier 7CityscapeLimited – Animated Decal
Tier 8Block PartierLimited – Player Title
Tier 9GridkidLimited – Paint Finish
Tier 105% XP BoostParty Experience Boost
Tier 11MazLimited – Decal
Tier 12100 Credits


Tier 13


Limited – Wheels
Tier 14Big CapLimited – Topper
Tier 15MetroLimited – Player Banner
Tier 16WrapstarLimited – Decal
Tier 17Street GeniusLimited – Player Title
Tier 18Fresh KicksLimited – Topper
Tier 19Brick HitterLimited – Paint Finish
Tier 20VacillateLimited – Player Anthem
Tier 21Block BeatLimited – Wheels
Tier 22Dot MatrixLimited – Decal
Tier 235% XP BoostParty Experience Boost
Tier 24100 CreditsCredits
Tier 25El-E-DeeLimited – Trail
Tier 26BGLimited – Wheels
Tier 27

Laced Up

Limited – Avatar Border
Tier 28BPMLimited – Decal
Tier 29Can't Stop MeLimited – Antenna
Tier 30

Big City Baller

Limited – Player Title
Tier 31


Limited – Wheels
Tier 325% XP BoostParty Experience Boost
Tier 33XNOLimited – Topper
Tier 34Wrapstar

Limited – Decal

Tier 35Honda Civic Type R-LELimited – Car Body
Tier 36100 CreditsCredits
Tier 37OmbreLimited – Decal
Tier 38Tic-KingLimited – Wheels
Tier 395% XP BoostParty Experience Boost
Tier 401-WayLimited – Paint Finish
Tier 41Honda Civic Type RLimited – Car Body
Tier 42ModuleLimited – Wheels
Tier 43HuntressLimited – Decal
Tier 44Savage SprayLimited – Topper
Tier 45Majesty

Limited – Animated Decal

Tier 46Franko FoneLimited – Wheels
Tier 47W A N TLimited – Player Anthem
Tier 48100 CreditsCredits
Tier 49Crown TownLimited – Paint Finish
Tier 505% XP BoostParty Experience Boost
Tier 51FounderLimited – Wheels
Tier 52Spray'dLimited – Avatar Border
Tier 53


Limited – Trail
Tier 54Maz:Limited – Wheels
Tier 55Wrapstar:Limited – Animated Decal
Tier 56Dumpster FireLimited – Player Banner
Tier 57SprattleLimited – Rocket Boost
Tier 585% XP BoostParty Experience Boost
Tier 59WrapstarLimited – Decal
Tier 60100 CreditsCredits
Tier 61Tic-KingLimited – Wheels
Tier 62KingtressLimited – Decal
Tier 63TropixLimited – Decal
Tier 64Module:Limited – Wheels
Tier 65Sky ScraperLimited – Player Title
Tier 665% XP BoostParty Experience Boost
Tier 67100 CreditsCredits
Tier 68SyngineerLimited – Animated Decal
Tier 69Franko Fone:Limited – Wheels
Tier 70Savage SprayLimited – Goal Explosion
Tier 71Honda Civic Type R (Orange)Limited – Car Body
Tier 72Franko Fone: (Forest Green)Limited – Wheels
Tier 73Wrapstar: (Crimson)Limited – Decal
Tier 74Maz: (Saffron)Limited – Wheels
Tier 75Savage Spray (Orange)Limited – Goal Explosion
Tier 76Module (Purple)Limited – Wheels
Tier 77Honda Civic Type R-LE (Lime)Limited – Car Body
Tier 78Tic-King (Crimson)Limited – Wheels
Tier 79Maz (Lime)Limited – Wheels
Tier 80100 CreditsCredits
Tier 81Sprattle (Pink)Limited – Trail
Tier 82Franko Fone (Burnt Sienna)Limited – Wheels
Tier 83Honda Civic Type R (Cobalt)Limited – Car Body
Tier 84Founder (Orange)Limited – Wheels
Tier 85Wrapstar: (Purple)Limited – Decal
Tier 86Cityscape (Saffron)Limited – Decal
Tier 87Module: (Lime)Limited – Wheels
Tier 88Syngineer (Forest Green)Limited – Decal
Tier 89Honda Civic Type R-LE
Limited – Car Body
Tier 90100 CreditsCredits
Tier 91Syngineer (Purple)Limited – Decal
Tier 92Wrapstar: (Burnt Sienna)Limited – Decal
Tier 93Franko Fone: (Lime)Limited – Wheels
Tier 94Savage Spray (Saffron)Limited – Goal Explosion
Tier 95Honda Civic Type R
(Burnt Sienna)
Limited – Car Body
Tier 96Franko Fone (Orange)Limited – Wheels
Tier 97Module: (Pink)Limited – Wheels
Tier 98Sprattle (Saffron)Limited – Rocket Boost
Tier 99Sprattle (Burnt Sienna)Limited – Rocket Boost
Tier 100100 CreditsCredits

Season 8 will end on December 7, 2022, after which we can expect a Season 9 and a brand new Rocket Pass. We will update these two Rocket League Ranked Rewards lists when this happens.

What's so special about this season is that after the 70 levels in the Premium Rocket Pass, you can climb numerous more levels and unlock items for the brand new Honda Civic Type R. You may have to play a little more, but the battle car looks pretty clean.

Even More Seasonal Rocket League Rewards

In addition to the Ranked Rewards attained by levelling up through the tiers, you can also reach different Season Reward "Levels" by playing against other players of the same rank as you. Season Rewards are distributed each and every season, include the aforementioned ranked rewards, and are dependent on your current Rocket League Rank.

The ultimate Season Rank you can reach is Supersonic Legend, which will yield the best rewards, and is the sign of a true Rocket League master.

Rocket League Ranks are determined by how many wins you have achieved against other players of the same rank as yourself. For example, to reach the final rank and upgrade from Grand Champion to Supersonic Legend, you need to have won at least ten games against other players who are at the Supersonic Legend level.