RLCS Fall Major 2022-23: Teams, Results, Winners & Live-Stream

The RLCS Fall Major 2022-23 is over. The first big Rocket League tournament of the new season took place over the weekend, and we have the most important info for you. What's the schedule? Which teams have made the Single Elimination Bracket? Who won it all? Where can you watch the tournament on demand? All that and more in this article.

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The Fall Major is the first highlight of the RLCS 2022-23 season! | © Psyonix

With the Fall Major, we'll get to enjoy the first major tournament of the Rocket League Championship Series 2022/23. It is the last event of the year and also the first to be held after the exciting launch of Rocket League Season 9.

In this article, you will find the most important facts and info about this year's RLCS Winter Major. We go into more detail which teams from all various regions have qualified, what the schedule looks like and will also update current results on a regular basis. Oh, and don't worry if you don't know where to watch the event – we have some official livestreams for you.

RLCS 2022-23 Fall Major: Facts And Figures

Being the first in-person event of the 2022/23 RLCS season, the Fall Major HYPE is huge. The event takes place from December 8 to 11, 2022 – the best performing teams of the season so far can compete in Rotterdam for glory, honor, and points on the way to the Rocket League World Championship.

The first two days are like the calm before a storm, as it will be a closed-studio show, but from December 10, the Rocket League pros will be playing in front of a live audience. A total prize pool of $310,000 will be distributed at the event, with the winning team receiving $100,000 and 32 RLCS points.

PlacementPrice MoneyRLCS Points

Fall Major: All Group Stage Results

Here, we will gradually fill in the results of the Fall Major and show you exactly what each teams chance of progressing are right now. Squads that have qualified for the Single Elimination Bracket will be bolded.

Gen.G1/13-0 W0-3 L3-1 W3-0 W
FaZe Clan1/11-3 L3-0 W3-2 W0-3 L3-1 W
Version12/03-1 W3-2 W0-3 L3-0 W
Spacestation1/13-2 W1-3 L1-3 L3-1 W1-3 L
G2 Esports0/22-3 L0-3 L3-0 W3-0 W2-3 L
Pioneers0/20-3 L0-3 L0-3 L
PWR1/10-3 L3-0 W3-1 W2-3 L0-3 L
James Cheese0/20-3 L0-3 L0-3 L
Karmine Corp2/03-0 W3-1 W3-0 W
Team Liquid1/13-0 W2-3 L2-3 L3-1 W3-2 W
Oxygen Esports2/03-2 W3-0 W3-0 W


0/21-3 L0-3 L3-0 W1-3 L
Moist Esports2/03-1 W3-2 W0-3 L1-3 L3-2 W
The Club1/13-0 W2-3 L1-3 L1-3 L
Team Secret1/10-3 L3-0 W3-1 W3-1 W
Team Falcons1/12-3 L3-0 W1-3 L0-3 L

Gen.G Wins RLCS Fall Major 2022

The first Major of the 2022-23 RLCS season goes to Gen.G Mobil1 Racing, who defeated Moist Esports 4-2 in the grand final. On their road to victory, Jack "ApparentlyJack" Benton, Nick "Chronic" Iwanski, and Joseph "noly" Kidd defeated Team Liquid (4-3) in the Quarterfinals and FaZe Clan (4-1) in the Semifinals.

ApparentlyJack showed particularly ridiculous performances over the whole weekend – which is why he was even voted MVP of the tournament by RL-Esports on Twitter. GG!

Rocket League Esports Live-Streams & VODs

There are several ways to watch the last major Rocket League esports event of the year. Either you got a ticket and are on your way to Rotterdam, or you sit back, relax, boot up your PC and watch the live stream from your home.

If you love your couch and bed as much as I do (mine, obviously), you should follow or subscribe to the following channels, so you don't miss anything:

By the way, you can also find the VODs of each championship day on these channels if you missed the event or want to watch individual matches again. This concludes the RLCS for this year, the next big event of the current season is going to be the Winter Major in a few months.